Sunday, 13 September 2015


Quote of the day

Patience And Tolerance Incites Enlightening New Concepts Every day.’

Tomorrow sees the start to a new working week for us all. To many there will be sadness, to some there will be gladness and to others there will be almost madness. All our daily activates seem to stem from two words called Dollars and Cents. If you don’t have it you are sad, if you have it you are glad and if you greedy to get more and more then you are mad. I say onto you and verily too be grateful for your life and for your presence on planet Earth. Consider your health first and your wealth will take care of itself. I say this vehemently because without good health you cannot manufacture wealth. Patience makes you understand that everything in life takes time. Time is important from a simple second to a long and trying 100 years. There is so much you can do productively and effectively in 100 years if you have Patience by your side. A meritocratic Goal Setter will also understand that Tolerance is equally important. Add the two together and you have the prefect mode to keep you spirited for the rest of your life. Patience is the staying power that keeps your dreams alive and your goals in momentum. With patience a meritocratic Goal Setter understands fully that any concept no matter how big or small takes times. Tolerance is about being open-minded in all your daily tasks knowing well that in life there will be the usual ups and the downs. Add the two together and you have enlightenment. It is like lighting a candle. Without a match there is no ignition. Without the candle there is no light. You need Patience and Tolerance to incite Enlightenment. With enlightenment your ideas become doable, usable, viable and renewable. I want you to wake up tomorrow morning with a dose of patience and tolerance. So, if the train is late I want you to expect that and find an alternative mode of transport. If someone brushes you on the street ignore it and move on. Be alert and vigilant to avoid a similar confrontation. Keep your mind active each second of your day. Be like a professional driver that has his or her responsibilities at the forefront of their job. Be glad rather than sad and certainly don’t become mad. The use of the word mad in this article implies becoming angry when things don’t work out as per your agenda.

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