Friday, 4 September 2015

Quotes of the Modern World

Quotes of the Modern World

Quote of the day

‘Having a constant stream of helpful information enables you to have the hope to cope, the energy to believe, the courage to be encouraged, the determination to avoid temptation, the love to overcome hate, the friendship to overcome enemies and the passion to live with compassion.’

To live your life you need to love your life and the passion and desire to live it. Living a life of abundance, joy and happiness is something that is possible. I know this for a fact because I was once homeless, penniless, hopeless and helpless. You just need to persevere. You need to open the right door that channels the right information. Information that contains inspiration and motivation is like a glimmer of hope in the darkness of your predicament.  To succeed in life you need to proceed with passion and desire like never before, overcoming obstacles and hurdles that cometh before you. Passion and desire must be felt within you like a tingling sensation. You cannot want something if you do not need it. You can have anything that you want in life but you need to ask yourself do you really need it. Can you handle the responsibility? Attached to this responsibility is passion and desire. If passion and desire is missing in the equation of your success you will soon find that your asset or paraphernalia will tarnish and depreciate.  To meet challenges ahead of you, you need to be inspired to seek knowledge and then have the wisdom to apply this knowledge. What is knowledge and what is wisdom. Knowledge is derived from the faculty of Inquisition. Everyone has their own faculty of inquisition. Think hard enough and you will figure it out. Once retrieved this becomes knowledge. Wisdom on the other hand is the ability to use knowledge unselfishly. It is about taking what you need, when you need it and to establish how to use it without hurting anyone or the environment. To believe in yourself you first need to believe in your existence. You need to value this priceless gift bestowed upon you. Do you believe in yourself or do you believe in other people? Believing in yourself is your first stepping stone to real success. What you achieve is what you shall receive. What you see will ultimately determine whether you want something or whether you need something. To have the power to overcome your daily agenda from little tasks to bigger tasks you need to apply a simple word called EFFORT majestically. EFFORT is a simple word but a gigantic force that can move mountains or stop the flow of water. Applying EFFORT logically and capably is like the block and tackle method. Little effort creates better leverage over difficult moments in life. Dear Friends, open your day gracefully with a burst of inspiration. Look deeply into a genuine source of inspiration and you shall conquer all your goals, no matter how big or small. Open the right door and let a deluge of inspiring information fill the oblongata of your brain. Go forth with positivity. Go beyond your dreams and touch the angel of your destiny. Live for tomorrow and live towards the future. Hold the hand of someone that reaches out to you. Give liberally what you can afford. Love your Heavenly Father who watches over you daily.

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