Saturday, 12 September 2015

Be creative, be inventive and be attentive

Be creative, be inventive and be attentive

Quote of the day

‘To be creative brings out the artistry in you. To be inventive brings out the resourcefulness in you and to be attentive brings out the devotion in you.’

Using your weekend as an experimental passage to discover yourself is time well spent. The great thing about it is that you are not concerned about the outcome of your experiment, whether it was good or bad but at least you know that you gave it a try. The weekend is truly yours, you are under no jurisdiction or under any limitations. You are the boss of all your activities therefore it creates the prefect time to experiment. To kick-start your experimental weekend you need to be creative, inventive and attentive. To be creative brings out the artistry in you. Creativity unlocks the hidden talents that you never knew that you had. Your imagination has no limits. You can think whatever you want to think and do whatever you want to do. To be inventive brings out the resourcefulness in you and to be attentive brings out the devotion in you. Innovation is about YOU and your uniqueness upon the face of the world. Just to think illustrates your inventiveness. To put you’re thoughts into paper and finally a series of actions is even more remarkable and illustrates what your real capabilities are. Attentiveness is about the ability to become focussed on that special light bulb moment. It is a moment where an idea can be put into action and manifest into something tangible. As you embrace your 48 hours I want you to experiment without embarrassment by trying different things to tickle your fancy. I want you to plan a vacation to visit a relation or to plan a dream holiday with a slight variation. You don’t have to commit but at least it keeps you active. I want you to be kind, gentle and warm to others but mainly to yourself to experience what it is like to receive kindness, gentleness and warmness. It is a feeling that you need to experience because it is exalting. I want you to go for a walk in the garden, the park or the countryside. I want you to talk to your spouse or your children with great intelligence and enthusiasm, I want you to wander in the aisles of nature and to live in wonder over the beauty of nature. It never hurts to talk but try to be spirited in your conversation. Don’t live to criticise but live to advise. I want you to smile for the whole weekend and to let your smile touch those that you smile to. In other words it needs to be a genuine smile. I want you to compile a collage of smiles for you to browse at when you sometimes forget what a smile can really do. It does not take long to do things, so why not experiment by starting to do something. I want you to eat because you deserve a treat. Get out of the kitchen for a change and get into the magical position to be served and pampered. I want you to greet the person you first see tomorrow morning and to be sweet for the rest of the day. Your smile makes a big difference. I want you to think big and to fill the canvas of your life with big projects as well as little ones. I want you to start a hobby or rekindle an old interest. I need for you to take an interest in your life. I want you be inspired at the crack of dawn like combustion in an engine and I want your pistons to move up and down with relative ease for the rest of the day. I want you to engage in conversation, conservation, exploration, fascination, variation, appreciation and imagination. I want to you to keep your mind active and your body reactive. An active mind makes the body react to instructions in a more precise way. I want you to be able to assert yourself as well as revert yourself. Asserting yourself physically makes you stretch your muscles, relaxing after that reverts your muscles back to their original position. In order words don't overdo it. I want you to do these things because no one is watching you, evaluating you or inspecting you. You are liberty to do anything that you want to do without worrying about the outcome. Sometimes the outcome could be an absolute disaster. Sometimes the outcome could change the outlook of your life. So why not give it a try!

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