Thursday, 10 September 2015

Make your dreams come true

Make your dreams come true

Quote of the day

‘Dreams are personal, they can best be described as your personal archives of your future intents. What the future holds for you lies in your dreams.’

I dream to gleam for my dreams are my plans for my future. I value my life and therefore as a citizen of my planet I want to perform at my level best each day producing the best in me and displaying a satisfactory contribution to the rest of the world. In order for me to dream to gleam rather than dream to scream I avoid the heavy meals at night that affects my thought processes to create the dreams that makes my future. My dreams are based on my needs and as my needs changes, increases or diminishes I need to capture visions of the changing world constantly.  As I see I bring to my archives of recorded footage, clips of what I want to do, create or manufacture. I try to avoid the pain, the sorrow and the misery that the world holds. I try not to be angry when I go to bed, I try to be at peace in order to dream to gleam. What I dream will make tomorrow for the better or for the worst. You can have anything that you want in this world but you need to dream it first. You need to dream to see whether you fit into that desire that occupies your mind and takes prelude of your future life. I say this because you need to experience something before you can commit to it. The larger your needs are the greater are your overall responsibilities. Can you handle these responsibilities? Stick with me and I shall show you the way to your overall success. Be inspired by my content and you will be enlightened to take the first step to success. Fill the corridors of your needs with positivity and you shall make all your dreams manifest into your future life. A dream kick-starts the whole process to real success. Real Success is often described as the real you rather than the virtual you. The real you believes in the concept of life and the responsibilities associated with it. The virtual you is someone that lives by mimicking other peoples achievements rather than their very own. Start dreaming about how you feel, about what you want to do or even say. Dream, dream, dream! Dreams are a manifestation of your thought processes. Your mind is constantly capturing images like a movie camera left on permanently. We see, we experience, we acquire, we love, we mate, we grow, we learn, we desire and we achieve. As we live each day we attract a series of desires pertinent to our needs. Everyone has a different set of needs. The Universe listens to this and echoes a series of instructions for you to follow. We need to believe. We need to believe in the concept of life and in life itself. Once we understand the importance of believing all things that are impossible become possible. Whatever your needs are The Universe will provide it for you on a silver platter with the relevant instructions to follow. Don’t ignore your dreams, live them. If they are unselfish you are guaranteed to achieve your goals.

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