Saturday, 19 September 2015

Choose your own level of Friendship

Choose your own level of Friendship

Quote of the day

‘We all go through varying degrees of trials and tribulations. Our real quest in life is to seek to resolve. My job is to help you seek that resolve. Therefore depending on your circumstances you need to choose a level of friendship to suit your circumstances, a source that gives you new knowledge and wisdom to follow.’

Dear Friends I cannot express in words how wonderful it is to have friends like you. Friendship makes all the difference to life. It add vibrancy, it adds excitement and joie de vivre in your heart. Can you imagine living in a forum of ecstasy where everything that you need is provided as per your requirements? Can you imagine that at a touch or click of a button the answer to your problem unveils right in front of your very eyes? All you have to then do is act upon it. Let us imagine that one of your problems is to lose weight. You’ve been to the doctor and his or her prognosis indicates that your liver is fatty and an exercise and diet regime should be undertaken with immediate effect. Many diet plans or gym memberships costs the earth and some of them actually make you put on more than weight than before. Who else can you turn to? How about Friends that you can trust. How about Friends that care, share and remain fair. How about Friends that show you exactly what to do and how to do it. How about Friends that have the answers to all your problems. How about Friends that don’t ask for subscription payments, postage or donations. Yes, these are friends that really care, share and remain fair. These are friends that care for your health, wealth and your prosperity. These are friends that share knowledge liberally and don’t ask you to pay them huge sums of money. These are friends that are fair. They do not ridicule you, denigrate you, humiliate you, con you, sap you of your funds, promise you the earth and deliver nothing. Yes, these are friends that you can trust and rely on. This is why I am working steadily to make available products for you to obtain in most cases for free and to share them with you so that you can come out of your predicament with relative ease. Struggling to find work? Problems at the work front? Problems at the Homefront? Problems at home? Problems at school? Problems with your finances? Friends like Universally Friendly will always be there for you. Need to publish your manuscript? Need to find work? Need to start a business? Universally Friendly will always be there for all of you. The Golden Level of Friendship at Universally Friendly gives you more than just Gold. It gives you opportunities that outweighs the value of Gold. Do you need a change in career or an additional income? The Golden Level of Friendship offers just that. The next stress to bereavement in my opinion is Financial Stress. So, if finance is your problems don’t lose hope, help is available. Stand tall and walk tall and capture an unselfish way to increase your income using ideas from Universally Friendly. There are many avenues which I will direct you to. The Platinum Level of Friendship gives you the unique and unselfish opportunity to successfully run your own online business.  What is the definition of Success? Success can best be defined as the ability to do the things in life with genuine love, passion and vigour. Success takes away stress and without stress you will find Real Happiness. What Real Happiness is? To answer this try to think about what you would really like to achieve unselfishly in life?  Once you have listed these goals on a piece of paper or visualised them in your mind, close your eyes and try to feel it, try to feel it from within, try to experience the energy that real success gives you.  Let this feeling flow throughout your body and see how invigoratingly fresh you become.  As you wake up each day you will wake up knowing that you are indeed Happy doing the things you really feel strongly about. Choosing the Platinum Level of Friendship helps you to achieve your goals, irrespective of what they really are. The Elite Level of Friendship is a new concept to a helpful and friendly resource centre. Starting soon, the Elite Level of friendship is designed to assist you to understand and utilise your products from Universally Friendly in a much easier way. There are monthly Webinars, free eBooks, discount booklets, Events, Summits and a special site just for you.  So whatever your predicament in life is there is a solution, you just need to open the right door to suit your predicament. Apart from my daily tweets, articles and Quotes I want to create a resource centre for you to browse through pertinent to your needs. I am working on this diligently to create specific sites for you to log on and extract pertinent information to help you regain yourself. Before 2016 is upon us you will have the mechanism to overcome your adversities and the Methodism to take action. Don’t despair, Dear Friends help is here, 24/7.

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