Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Umbrella of Hope and Restitution

The Umbrella of Hope and Restitution

Quote of the day

‘Dear Friends, you can make a change to your life for the common good if passion, desire and unselfishness is instilled in your heart. You cannot have passion and desire and say that the future looks good. You have to ensure that your goals no matter how big or small are unselfish. This guarantees you real Success and profound Happiness for the rest of your life, 24/7.’

Dear Friends, welcome to another article to fire your passion and desire in achieving all your unselfish goals. If your goals are unselfish I guarantee that you will achieve them. Nothing is impossible if it is unselfish. Take time off and discover your goals. We all are constantly creating goals but never have the courage to fulfil them. Some goals are forgotten and some goals are made to become impossible. Use your weekend to unleash those hidden and latent goals. Let them manifest into those super goals that you once had. Always remember that nothing is impossible. If you believe in yourself you already took the first step to success. The steps to Success can be long or short. It does not really matter for you have time on your side equated to 86,400 seconds per day. Appreciating and valuing your life is the second step to success. Losing the concept of belief and appreciation makes you fall down back to square one until someone like me comes along and jolts you to start again. It’s never too late to start again. The third step to Success is to develop passion and desire in ALL that you do, think or say. Passion is that constant thirst to make all your unselfish dreams come true. Desire is the aspiration to get the ball rolling. Do it in this sequence which I call the PAID effect and you are on your way to success. PAID stands for Passion, Aspiration, Inspiration and Desire. As you ponder over your goals this weekend bringing to the surface goals that you really want to achieve I want you to develop the Passion needed to make these goals manifest into something that will make a significant difference to your life. How do you develop passion? How do you get that craving for something? To do this you need to search for images or information about your goals. The internet is your ultimate search engine. Search for images or information relating to your goals and print off the ones that appeal to you or the ones that are similar to your goals. You need to see them in front of you rather than imagine them. As you look at them or in some cases feel them like test driving a car your passion is slowly firing up. The next thing to do is to aspire to admire. If there is no admiration in your goals then perhaps that goal is not for you. Maybe you can come back to it later on in your life. Remember nothing is too late. I once had a goal at the age of 14, at 56 years of age I still keep memories of that particular goal. If the admiration is there your passion is already glowing like the surface of the Sun. Now you need that early morning inspiration to keep your fire glowing. Log onto my tweets, articles and Quotes daily and use them to enlighten and brighten you. Finally let desire take its course. Let your desire carry you to the final hurdle whereupon your goal or your goals is finally achieved. Achievement makes you want to achieve more and more. What a way to get PAID!

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