Friday, 18 September 2015

Become Universally Friendly.

Become Universally Friendly.

Quote of the day

‘To become friendly makes you more approachable and pleasant in life. To raise your standards you also need to expand your friendliness by being Customer Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Friendly, User-friendly and Universally Friendly.’

Dear Friends, I cannot express in words the value of friendship but I shall certainly try. Friendliness is next to Godliness brightening your day to make sad moments vanish into thin air. Friendship is like a personal candle assigned to you because as long as your candle shines your friendship will always bring in brightness to your life, illumination when you are alone, brilliance when you are down, clarity when you are lost, vividness when you are unclear, lustre when you look dull, cheerfulness when you are sad, happiness when you are dissatisfied, high spirits when the curtains are down and good humour when moments are chilly. Yes, Dear Friends you cannot exchange friendship for anything else. Friendship exists from the time you were born and slowly fades away when you take the last breath of life on Earth. You cannot go wrong when friends are by your side. You cannot err when friends urge you to go the extra mile. You cannot fail when friends encourage you. You cannot lose when friends give you a sparkle of optimism. You cannot shudder when friends are around and neither can you fear being alone when friends walk you home. To be friendly is something we should all exercise spontaneously. Friendship creates bonds between people. Friendship opens new doors of opportunities and closes doors of hostility and volatility. Friendship is a long road lasting for 100 years for every individual. To create friends and reduce your enemies lessens the stress during your centennial journey on Earth. I want you to raise the bar on your profound friendship by expanding your horizon to new levels of friendship. How about a bit of this and a bit of that. How about going from personal friendship to different levels of friendship.  How about becoming Customer Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Friendly, User-friendly and Universally Friendly. Dear Friends, it is better to make friends than to create enemies. Friends help you to be an achiever. Enemies always make you an underachiever. At Universally Friendly I try to open new doors to friendship. I create the perfect match for your circumstances. The Silver Level of Universally Friendly for example gives you more than Silver, it gives you a new vision to your future with a bonus package and that is Happiness. Happiness is profound tool to use in your everyday life scenarios and it is the chemistry of individual success. Success in life is not just for a handful, Success is for ALL. Yes All of you no matter where you live, who you are, how old you are or what your culture, creed or colour is. Try to expand your horizon to new levels to friendship. It pays dividends in the long run. To become friendly makes you more approachable and pleasant in life. You simply cannot go wrong with friendship.

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