Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Helical Core of Conformity

The Helical Core of Conformity.

Quote of the day

‘When life seems unfair and depressing research your inner self and establish whether you are correctly encoded with 9 words that compound to many other relevant words. These words are simple but necessary to establish a life that is fair and not depressing.’

When life is unfair and quite depressing we need to reach out for some form of salvation. GOD has always been fair, sometimes we cannot acknowledge this because life seems quite unfair and depressing. Sometimes one plus one does not add up or there are too many waves in your life. What beholds you at the onset of tomorrow can be good, bad or ugly. If you have a thriving business then money is never your downfall. If you are in good health then ailments are never an issue for you. If you are employed then at least you know there is a guaranteed source of income coming into the household each week or month. These references illustrate a good start to tomorrow. However if you are unemployed as a result of retrenchment and is struggling to find work tomorrow can be quite a bad start. It can equally be a bad start if there are huge surmounting bills to contend with when the banks open for business and start pestering you. If you are caught in a conflict life can become ugly, brutal and scary. If you are victim of physical or mental abuse life is equally ugly and tomorrow maybe a tormenting experience to endure. Dear Friends, we need to light up a candle of hope and shine a beacon of optimism to the unlucky ones. We need to have faith in the goodness that exists in this word. We need to have the courage to overcome the strange adversaries that inhibit our progress. We need to live in anticipation that the next second could hold a good, bad or ugly moment. We need to have the desire and the passion to look ahead and plan ahead. Optimism is always a better option to pessimism. Optimism lays a foundation of confidence and a buoyancy of survival. Optimism brightens the darkness of the undiscovered world. Today I want you to remember 9 potent words that can be used to enhance your day and your life. These words are: Love, Living, Caring, Sharing, Fairness, Appreciation, Prayers, Humanity and Selflessness. To love someone opens a new door to everlasting friendship. To live is to love and to love is to live. To care is to exercise your humane values, demonstrating to the world how it is done and how it must be done. To share is to give liberally without the slightest element of hesitation. You need to share rather than scare. You need to share rather than swear. You need to share by being aware of those that are weak and meek. You need to be fair in your judgement, in your development, in the management of your affairs, in the arrangement that you made earlier and you need to be fair in your achievements. You need to appreciate your life and you need to appreciate the lives of others too. You need to appreciate what you have rather than depreciate what you do not need. You need to start your day in a prayer and end it sincerely in gratitude. You need to pray to avoid going astray. You need to pray and convey our sincere love to our Heavenly Father. You need to exercise humane values to ALL by being kind, charitable and compassionate. You need to have mercy for lost souls. You can a wonderful working week if you are unselfish. It is hard to remember nine words but it is easy once you get the hang of it. Dear Friends, start tomorrow with a bang and let the poignant sound of change enter you heart.

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