Sunday, 20 September 2015



Quote of the day

Students Utilises Constantly Changing Examples to Sustain Success.’

Dear Friends when it comes to overall individual success we ALL are students irrespective of who we really are, how old we are, what qualifications we have or where we are from. Success is a learning tool that needs to be applied daily to accommodate natural changes, artificial changes and financial changes. Changes are happening ALL the time. Sometimes they go by unnoticed and sometimes changes can have an incredible impact on our lives. Dear Friends I wrote this article today because I thought about the word SUCCESS when I sat back in my garden chair in the midst of a Summer afternoon here in good old London Town. I wanted to know why is it that Success cannot be sustained every single day of our lives. What are we lacking to make Success a daily routine? The answer then came to me in a flash. To sustain a reasonable degree of Success in our lives we need to be aware of changes that are happening around us and adapt to those changes. Most of us fail to do this. We think of Success as a process of becoming rich. The idea of being successful is not entirely a process of accruing funds in your bank account. In fact success is actually the opposite. Success is about maintaining a stable mind and a balanced physique to actuate your goals and turn them into reality. These goals should be altruistic and should be achieved without hurting another human being. Success is also about having the passion to live a bountiful life and to believe in your dreams and your ultimate goals. Success is about serving our Heavenly Father with love and devotion and to exercise our humane roles on planet Earth. Success is to love and in order to love we need to understand love. Love is not lust. Success is about appreciating your life, every second of it. Success is about setting examples for others to follow. Success is also about following examples set by other people too. Success is about the way you bring up your own children. Success is about understanding the flowers and the bees, for without the flowers there shall be no bees and without the bees there shall be no flowers. Success is about moving out of one predicament, learning from your fallacies in life and moving to a new dimension free from harm. Success is about holding hands together when the tables are turned. Success is about removing hate and avoiding being late. Success is about extracting knowledge as per your needs and applying this knowledge to uplift your life, often called wisdom. Success is about eating intelligently and to make adjustments when illnesses sets in. Success is about thinking of a raining day and making provisions when times are tough. Success is about lending a hand to those that need it. Success is about maintaining a clean planet and a healthy environment. We are indeed Students of Success and until we are willing to learn as we meet varying adversities we will always make mistakes.

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