Friday, 25 September 2015

Love your planet, it is your home for 100 years

Love your planet, it is your home for 100 years

Quote of the day

‘Our Planet Earth, is a bluish tint of visible light in the cosmos of infinite light and is enshrouded in a cloud of life that is so wonderful and diversified. Amongst the wonders of life is you, a person destined to live, to love and to be above all living creatures as sole custodians our wonderful world.’

The light so wondrous and bright, is the elegance and gracefulness of life that moves across the cosmos with a defined message of hope and peace. As you make a headway into the frontiers of space and time we need to imprint good deeds for others to follow. We need to identify good from bad and leave behind a legacy of worthiness to the ones that are young, immature and inexperienced. We need to watch out for the stray earthworm or the injured seagull for all of these creatures have a fundamental purpose in life, to work steadily to create a perfect platform for us to subsist. We need to marvel at the creation by observing, conserving, preserving and serving. We need to be COPs. Observation makes us live in awe at the contours of the hills and valleys and at the detours that we need to make when uncertainty beckons us. Conserving makes us understand the purpose of every living creature that inhabits the Earth and their function too. Destroy a tree and you let the birds and the bees flee. Destroy an animal and you destroy a generation that follows. Destroy a flower and you destroy the power of pollination. Destroy the flow of water and you destroy the flow of life. Preserving is about maintaining stability from microorganisms to superorganisms like us.  To preserve is to protect. Preservation is about control, it is about how much and how little we use. It is about replenishing when we are finishing. It is about defending when poachers start killing. It is about saving land when land is so scarce. To serve is something that I have always spoke about. Our function as human beings is to serve our Heavenly Father as sole custodians of the living world. With the appendages to perform our message is quite clear – CONSERVE, OBSERVE, PRESERVE. Are you going to be a COP from today onwards? Are you going to take charge of your domain? Dear Friends, it is so wonderful to wake up to the sound of nature and to marvel at the rising Sun and to gaze at the vastness of space. I cannot express in words how wonderful it is to be here in the 21st Century and to exercise our roles as sole custodians of the living world. Our wonderful planet does holds an infinite amount of painful impressions caused by the greed of man. Despite this nature has created a wonderful podium for us to speak, live and enjoy our life for as long as we want to. When I breathe the air I render constant gratitude to Almighty GOD for His constant compassion and love for us all. I reciprocate by giving back humbleness, kindness, gentleness and love from the bottom of my heart. The world is enriched with a heavenly biosphere of life and with a celestial ecosphere of infinite life forms. The world is A Creation of our Heavenly Father in gentle strokes of colour, vibrancy and thought. The world is our abode amongst an array of magnificent creatures consisting of the fauna and flora that make up our ecosystem. Every country has its own biota to be proud of. Australia is Australia because the ecological unit of that region is programmed to create Australia. Dear Friends, you are part of an incredible glorification where we live together and remain together for the duration of our lives. There are those that will want to break peace with war, love with hate, colour with blanch and positivity with negativity. Today I want to assure you that as long as there is goodness in the atmosphere, biosphere, ecosphere, ionosphere and the stratosphere we will be okay. You will be okay if you build up a constant spirit to live to the best of your ability. You will be okay if you remain gentle, humble and kind. You will be okay if you look after our planet and its occupants. You will be okay if you are determined and have a strong resilience to the adversities found in life. I want you to be a COP for the rest of your life, remain a COP for eternity and be proud of your daily achievements.

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