Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Make September a month to remember

Make September a month to remember

Quote of the day

‘Every day in September should hold a note to remember. At the end of it a melody attuned to your needs should chime like raindrops on a silver lining.’

Welcome to the 2nd day of September and at the end of this auspicious month I am confident that you will feel soothed and appeased with your performance that a melodic sound created by your daily efforts will chime in your mind and in your heart. We all hear melodies of different types and at different times. Some melodies bring sad memories from the past and into the future. These melodies we need to erase with immediate effect. We need to create need melodies that harmonise into a tune attuned to your bespoke needs. It needs to be a tune that is pitched to your needs and switched to your goals. Bad melodies especially dins and sins always spoil your day let alone your life. Creating harmonised tunes will make the sound of confusion be a thing of the past and will make the echoes of anxiety washed away. Sad Melodies of the past always brings sadness to your heart. You need to switch sad sounds into glad sounds. How do you do this? It is simple. You need to start your day with a tone of happiness. You need to fill the enclosure of your domain with beacons of hope and restitution. Good Music does that. Music soothes the pain that others brought to your table. Music brings back fond memories and makes you respond with new energy that goes beyond your dreams. Take a typical example of a din, the opposite of good sounds. Din is pandemonium that definitely ruins your day. Din makes you less focussed and more stress. You need to switch your day from a din to one of melodic silence. You need to create tones that bring the inner you into the outer world. Don’t live with stress, live to impress instead. Start your day in September by feeling exalt and harmonious. Touch the ceiling of your dreams and turn them to reality. Start from tomorrow and create a symphony that the world can hear. Grasp daily inspiration that fills the bellows of your day with mellows from a different source. Read ‘The Databank Times’ daily and become infused with a new dimension to life. Wake up to the sound of a whisper and go to bed with the feeling of happiness. Dream great things and achieve anything that you want. September is going to be a month to remember because we are all going to try to achieve, believe and receive. We shall achieve the best that we can deliver, we shall believe in ourselves 24/7 and we shall receive the happiness that we deserve. Yesterday we spoke about capturing and gathering before looking into the aperture of your life. Believe in yourself and you shall capture the wonders of life.  Think big and you shall achieve anything that your heart desires. 

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