Tuesday 14 April 2015

Tuesday greets you with a smile, are you willing to smile back

Tuesday greets you with a smile, are you willing to smile back
Quote of the day
‘Smile through the length and breadth of your day, and lighten up the world with joy and happiness. As you emit radiance, radiance from others will reach you. Give a smile and you shall get one in return. Reach for 7 billion smiles and you will know that you have 7 billion friends.’
Bonus Quote
‘Always remember a Smile Makes Individuals Love Everything’

A smile is something that is always worth your while in gold. Always remember a Smile Makes Individuals Love Everything’. Always smile from all corners of your intent. Let your smile be the length of the Nile. Don’t smile for a while, smile for a mile. A smile makes your life worthwhile. A smile makes you less hostile. A smile makes you live in style. Smile, please. Smile beguiles the next person. A smile takes you on the eventual aisle of matrimony. Today we embrace a new day, but did we ever consider embracing new friends. For every smile you give you will get a smile in return. Now that is worth more than gold. For every pound that you invest in the stock market or put away in a saving account nothing can outweigh the value of a smile. A smile gives you so much in return. Did you know that flowers and animals smile too? You can tell quite easily when someone or a living organism smiles at you. You can feel a sense of elation and a moment of blissfulness. There is silence, no words are uttered but yet the commotion behind you or in front of you carries on. Dear Friends, I want you to energise your day with radiant bursts of happiness that sits in your heart. A smile allows this radiant energy to emerge. It awakens your latent potential and drive potential energy sat idle in your heart to kinetic energy that pumps your body to perform your actions daily. Remember A SMILE stands for ‘A Smile Makes Individuals Love Everything.’ Why live with hate when hate guarantees you ultimate failure. Why bring on hostility when hostility divides nations. Why hate when you can love. Why remorse to your course. Create a smile and you create a friend. Keep smiling and eventually you shall have 7 billion friends. Stop smiling and you shall lose friends. Marks out of 10 for a smile inducing positivity in you is 10.

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