Friday 3 April 2015

‘The significance of Easter’

‘The significance of Easter’
Quote of the day
 ‘The birth of Creation manifested into the portrayal of Jesus, our LORD some 2015 years ago. Today we remember His death and His resurrection in the worldwide celebration of Easter. How significant is Easter to you?’

Welcome to the annual celebration of Easter commemorating the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ from the dead. Today in the streets of Croydon the dramatic events surrounding the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus unfolded. There was jubilance, celebrations and prayers galore. It was an incredible sight and a truly memorable epic in ALL our lives.  How significant is Easter to you? What does Easter hold for you? Is it just a religious holiday or is it more than that? Easter reminds me of the cruelty of man and how brutal our actions can become. Easter also reminds me that there is hope, for all is not lost. Easter reminds me of newness from the battlegrounds of oldness. Easter reminds of love rather than hate. Easter reminds me of the presence of our LORD, and for all His teachings. Easter reminds me of Easter Eggs, Easter lilies, Easter Bunnies, Easter Parades and Traditional Easter Foods. Easter reminds me to correct the past and protect the future. Easter is like the blossom that blooms every spring. Easter is about the changing of old habits into new ones. Easter is about been reborn into a hallway of wisdom and glorification. Easter is significant. It is significant because it reminds us of what Jesus said. Easter is about euphoria and ecstasy. Easter unites people of various backgrounds. Easter is uniformity to children. Easter awakens the spirit of joy within you and Easter helps you forget the bitterness around you. Easter brings calm to the land and happiness to its occupants. Easter is indeed significant to you, to me or to any other citizen of planet Earth. Easter eggs reminds us that Jesus rose from the grave. Easter eggs brings joy to the children of the world. From chicken eggs to chocolate eggs there will always be a smile on a child’s face. Is about enlightenment. For many centuries Enlightenment became an education to our future as written in The New Testament. Enlightenment also became a set of instructions to follow to help steer us onto the right path to righteousness. Always remember Easter wherever you are, have a very, very Happy Easter weekend. 

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