Sunday 19 April 2015


Quote of the day
‘Birthdays are such an important milestone in your life. Although you are a year older, you are also the holder of personal accolades achieved in the previous year.’

A birthday is an important milestone in everyone’s life. It carries a symbol of life. It represents life in increments of 365 days. It is your annual calendar of events illustrating your illustrious achievements in the previous year. It earmarks a pivotal point, to make a decision on whether changes are needed to boost the New Year in your life or whether you should maintain the same pace, composure and ambitions. Whatever your decision is you are the decision maker. For the next seven days I shall expound on the concept of remaining positive, to help you stay positive and become more positive. These are my Quotes for the next seven days written in advance to inspire you to log on and get motivated. Each day for the next seven days I shall provide a purport for each Quote and as you read each purport you will feel the zest to make your birthday as important as I do.

Quote of the day 20th April 2015
‘If you love everything than you can be expected to be loved by everything. What you love will love you back.
Quote of the day 21st April 2015
‘To endure life you need to be pure at heart, you need to be sure about your intentions and you need to ensure that these intentions are altruistic.’
Quote of the day 22nd April 2015
‘Every penny that you earn makes you want to learn about how to get the next penny. Every penny that you waste makes you haste for the next penny and for the next and the next. Every penny that you giveaway will come back to you tenfold.’
Quote of the day 23rd April 2015
‘Clearing the cobwebs from under the table just clears the path for new ones. What you really need to do is to be at it daily, watching out for new intruders and banishing the old ones.’
Quote of the day 24th April 2015
‘You must reach the greatest milestone of your life and that is your 100th Birthday fully prepared to blow out the candles that commemorate your achievements for the past 99 years.’
Quote of the day 25th April 2015
‘Every second is so vital to make a significant difference to your life. You need to create modules in your day, each made up of clusters of seconds and spend the rest of your life managing these modules. You need to decide on whether you need to increase or decrease the number of seconds you spend on each module.’
Quote of the day 26th April 2015
‘No one has the right to interfere with any module of your day created by yourself. Each module in your day is a building block to your subsistence. Weakening any module in your life and your whole subsistence will come tumbling down.’

Thank you for sharing your time with me. I do realise how important your time is and therefore I shall always be there to guide you to profitably manage each module in your day. Have a great working week ahead of you. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend, Anthony 

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