Saturday 11 April 2015

Addictions can become real Maledictions

Addictions can become real Maledictions
Quote of the day
‘Whatever you addiction is, it is a malediction that can cripple your chances of becoming successful. It can take positivity and turn into negativity within a second. To overcome Addictions you need a dose of Benedictions.’

It is hard to overcome an addiction, it remains an affliction for all that cripples your lifestyle and your progress to make changes when changes are really needed. Some addictions are more painful than others. Addictions are compulsive behaviour patterns that breaks the common desire or passion to succeed in life.  Addictions lead to constant convictions. Jurisdiction cannot overcome addiction, only you can with a dose of benediction. Benediction is a powerful tool that is often ignored. It is a tool that we need to use like a gardener that needs tools to uproot the unwanted growth in his or her garden. Without tools its takes longer. The workload is harder and the pressure is unbelievable. Addictions come in various shapes and sizes. To name but a few smoking, drinking, excessive eating, sexual urges or drugs come to mind. These are actually negatives in your life and we need to act swiftly to turn them into positives. Addictions are compulsions in your life that create restrictions in your advancement to a successful and rewarding career. The first quest is to overcome your depressed habit is to address it. You know well the obvious symptoms of your dilemma, they usually are stress, depression, oppression, suppression, possession and distress. Benediction is indeed a powerful tool that you need to use in order to overcome your addictions. All problems take time to resolve or totally eradicate. Can you set aside time to address your problem or addiction? Time spent on establishing your addiction can lead to constructive eviction of the said addiction. I used the term said addiction because only you can identify it. Benedictions are actually Godsend in the form of miracles or sacred signs. We need to be prepared in order to receive a blessing. Preparation is the foundation to your addiction. When I think preparation I think PICASSO. PICASSO stands for Preparation, Identification, Conversation, Adaptation, Sensation, Segmentation and finally Operation. Preparation as I mentioned is the foundation block to start overcoming your addiction. To do this effectively you need to Identify your addiction, openly and honestly. You then need Conversation with someone that you can trust, someone you can openly speak to discuss your problem, perhaps a family member or a friend. Adaptation then follows. Adaptation is about altering your schedule and adjusting your lifestyle as per your conversation. Sensation then sets in. Sensation is about reigniting desire and passion back in your system. Now that you have the support of someone else, a miracle is about to happen. The Benediction in your life is about to unfold. The next stage is Segmentation. Segmentation is about dealing with your problems in small segments rather than doing it overnight. You need to breakdown your workload into manageable and doable tasks in a more suited environment. If your addiction is drinking don’t be near the bottle but rather away from it. Finally Operation PICASSO is in motion. You are ready to receive a blessing from heaven in the form of a miracle. You chose to do it with someone and you chose to become positive despite being in a moat of negative habits. A more detailed description of PICASSO is to be found in The Modern Day Trilogy.

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