Monday 20 April 2015

The Benefits of Love

The Benefits of Love
Quote of the day
‘If you love everything than you can be expected to be loved by everything. What you love will love you back.

Love is only a 4 letter word but yet it commands the way you live and the way you live your life on Earth. If you have love at the forefront of everything that you do, say or think than you are guaranteed to be loved back. Love everything that your eyes can see, Love everything that your mind imagines and Love everything that you do. This is what I call Passion and Desire of the first kind. Can you imagine sitting in a waiting room with at least ten people of whom you never saw or met before. You don’t know who they are or what afflicts them. However all eleven of you have something in common, you’ll are sitting in the same waiting room. If it is a surgery then all of you seek medical assistance. If it is at a station than all of you are waiting to commute. What do you see in these ten people and what do they see in you. When you leave the waiting room or the station did you exercise love sincerely to them by smiling, greeting or having a bit of a chinwag. As you know we leave without even saying hello or goodbye. You need to love everything in order to receive love. If you love something sincerely then you will be loved sincerely too. Love is endearing. Love is promising. Love is fearless. Love is unifying. Why start your day without love? Why create the converse of love around you that inflicts pain and remorse? To remain positive you cannot afford to be jolted to become negative. Hate does that. Hate tears down foundation stones that love creates for your daily stability and your financial stability. Many a friendship has crumbled to dust because hate came in the way. Dear Friends, I say onto you and verily too that love is your passport to new friendship and renewed friendship. Love transforms war torn areas into peaceful settlements that children can grow and become adults with a chance to live a life that is fitting to their worldly needs. How do you keep love alive when hate tries to disperse the energy associated with love into tiny fragments that soon get lost in the aura of confusion? You keep love alive by understanding its true ramifications. You need to taste love and you need to feel it. It is these sensations that promotes the need to love and love again. Give love a chance and let it profuse into the living world touching hearts and making smiles. Give it a try, take love and let it multiply at home first. Then carry it to the streets and finally into the city that you occupy. One burst of love can create an ocean of confidence. 

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