Friday 24 April 2015

‘A Centenary of Achievements’

‘A Centenary of Achievements’
Quote of the day
‘You must reach the greatest milestone of your life and that is your 100th Birthday fully prepared to blow out the candles that commemorate your achievements for the past 99 years.

A human being is designed anatomically to live for 100 years, it is a fact and you cannot alter that. A greedy man or woman will take away that privilege from you to satisfy their avarice. I say onto you and verily too you need to stand up for your right to live onto 100 years and I want you to live onto 100 years profitably, healthy and wealthy. I want you to be able to be free from harm, abuse, neglect and financial stress. I want you to celebrate each birthday with victory. I want you to celebrate your achievement to reach another year in the life of you. I want you to celebrate your past achievements and noted accolades for your hard work and ardent attitude. I want you to appreciate yourself and to appreciate the people that helped you along your journey. Yes, I want you to have the mind-set of a centennial human being. A centennial meritocratic Goal Setter lives to 100 years, achieving success each year, receiving accolades each year and believing wholeheartedly in themselves. I want you to wear the shoe that fits and to walk the plains of success robust and steadfast. I want you to look at tomorrow as an adventure based on an indenture between yourself on how you would want to spend your next 86,400 seconds. Each day that passes you must be spent with passion and desire. Don’t let financial worries vex you, divide them and conquer them. Don’t let an illness trouble you, let a miracle double your lifespan. Stop bad habits and refresh good habits. Live on and love to live a life that is governed by your unselfish thoughts. Don’t live a life of oblivion, improve on your situation with a planned and chartered course. Be patient. Wait a while, nothing needs to be achieved overnight. You have 100 years to achieve anything that you desire. If it is unselfish I guarantee you that you WILL ACHIEVE IT. Dear Friends, it is hard to overcome your current setbacks. However if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything. Problems comes in all shapes and sizes and when you realise that you overcame them they await for you in the dark alleys of uncertainties again. What are your problems? Is it a wild animal that awaits to attack you? Is it a possible alien that sneaks its presence around you? Is it the adversities of weather patterns around the world that worries you? Are you afraid of the stinging nettle? Actually none of the above are your problems, your problems lies in the greed of man. Today I want you to realise this and create a defence mechanism to ward of greedy men and women that want to usurp your abilities. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Don’t be afraid of possibilities or impossibilities. Don’t be bullied by the young that roam the streets to startle you. Don’t be bullied by the old that often inhibit your next move. Be vigilant and be positive. Seek professional help if you need it. Help is out there. Don’t settle for anything short of 100 years. I want you to remember these words for the rest of your life – ‘DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING SHORT OF 100 YEARS’

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