Wednesday 22 April 2015

Money Management

Money Management
Quote of the day
‘Every penny that you earn makes you want to learn about how to get the next penny. Every penny that you waste makes you haste for the next penny and for the next and the next. Every penny that you giveaway will come back to you tenfold.’

Previous Quote
‘Money is the Pallbearer of ALL evil but yet it is a necessity that we cannot do without.’ 

The Art of Making Money is directly proportional to what you want in life. The greater are your requirements the greater are your responsibilities. Many people confuse the concept of making money. They base their requirements on not what they really want in life but in what other people have. The next thing to bereavement in my opinion is financial stress. We get stressed financially because we do not live up to our expectations. We over borrow, we under borrow and live in debt for the rest of our lives. Terms usually associated with financial stress is liquidation, insolvency, bankruptcy, sequestration, foreclosure, judgements, Letters of demand, poor credit rating and failure. All of these terms induce negativity in an individual. With the lack of money life is not so funny. Too much of money and you appear sunny. Money makes us in a good mood or in a bad mood. There is one thing that we must always remember and that is money is something that we can manufacture. We cannot allow money to control us but rather for us to control it. We need to be cautious in how we spend our money. However life is not about making money but rather about living it. We are the sole proprietors of our decisions in life. What we need in life should be what we want in life and not what others want for you. We need to exercise patience. We need to share part of our nett profits with others that are less fortunate. We need to learn to earn in the faculty of our choice. We need to have passion and desire in whatever vocation we choose. Going to work or to run your business with a poor attitude will always give poor results. Bringing the stress of work or of business home is a slow killer. It lessens your lifespan and your face expresses these feelings openly. Gather all your resources and decide on what you want to keep and what you want to share with others. Don’t just earn to burn money foolishly. Earn your money according to your return. If you just need £100 to live per week than already you have satisfied your personal passion and desire to learn to earn that figure. If you choose to give away say 10% of this earnings to others that need help you can be assured that your fortune will grow accordingly. Don’t create heartaches in your mind for no reason at all. This is not Time Management but Time Mismanagement. Don’t be over borrowed, be patient and all your needs shall become attracted to you. Surely that sums up the draw card to positivity. 

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