Thursday 23 April 2015

‘Be Alert to avoid getting Hurt.’

‘Be Alert to avoid getting Hurt.’
Quote of the day
‘Clearing the cobwebs from under the table just clears the path for new ones. What you really need to do is to be at it daily, watching out for new intruders and banishing the old ones.’

Keeping abreast with changing times and difficult moments needs your constant review and appraisal. I say this openly because I know well for a fact that if you do not maintain vigilance throughout your day 24/7 then the weeds shall grow beyond your control, the ivy shall construe the bark of the trees and the snails shall consume the youngest shoots before they can shoot. Similarly if you think that by servicing your car once a year all will be well then think again. Your car like your body and your mind needs nursing daily. You need to drive well, accelerate smoothly, decelerate intelligently and top up whenever and wherever necessary. Keeping a clean car will certainly make it drive well. All things in life require attention. This is why we are labelled sole custodians of the living world. Procrastination makes room for things to go out of control. Laziness often augments it. You need to assess your daily workout. A daily workout is not limited to callisthenics but encompasses everything that you do for the day.  Whatever your actions are there is an equal reaction. If you laze then you always be in a daze. If you procrastinate then you are guaranteed to aggravate your workload for tomorrow. If you ignore vital issues of your life it will often be hard to restore normality again. Clearing the cobwebs from under the table just clears the path for new ones means that you cannot suddenly remove the cobweb from under the table and expect everything to be okay, you need to clean under the table daily, constantly and with the mind-set to be thorough in all that you do. Slipping away from this fundamental rule will negate your agenda for the day, making you less positive and more negative. Dear Friends it is all about the willingness to avoid the constant silliness that we often become muddled in. The use of the word silliness in this article implies senselessness. I hope that I do not offend you by using certain words but you must always remember that these articles are for my reference as well. They are there to prompt me to do well and I hope that it will prompt you to do equally well. This constant toning of our lifestyle is what is needed to make success a permanent priority in our centenary life. 

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