Friday 10 April 2015

Positive Steps

Positive Steps
Quote of the day
‘Every step forward leaves behind an imprint of your history on Earth. Like a magnetic tape all your actions are been recorded, to be read by others later on or to be read by our Heavenly Father when you depart from Earth.’
Bonus Quote
‘We need to lead the way by setting good examples. Positive Steps creates such a podium of noted worthiness and credibility that others take note and want to follow.’

Dear Friends, have ever you watched over the effortless journey of an ant that works laboriously each day in the open field fields of survival. Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth and their success is based on positive steps forward. Their positive steps forward is made up of divisions of labour, communication between individuals and their ability to solve complex problems. Although ants forms an inspiration for us to follow, many of us don’t. Positive steps forward originates from planning in advance. Our complex bureau of world employment is very similar to how ants operate, we have divisions of labour too, communication between individuals and our ability to solve complex problems. What is your vocation and why have you chosen it? Is it fitting to your needs? Do you receive a remuneration that is adequate for your worldly needs? Are you happy in your employment? Do you harmonise with management, colleagues and customers? If any of the answers to the above questions is negative than taking a positive step forward is hard. You need to settle into the right vocation first before you can take a vacation. To me every weekend is my vacation? Am I happy in my vocation? Yes! I work steadily each week in the capacity that I chose and I achieve all my goals to the best of my ability. I set examples for others to follow and adhere to a set of instructions each day that has worked before. I try not to reinvent the wheel but occasionally modify it to suit my needs. Every step forward for me is generally a positive one because I plan methodically in advance and I value each second of my day. Once the day like today has passed I know in advance that I have used up all 86,400 seconds of my day profitably, unselfishly and constructively. I think positive, I behave positively and I work with positivity in my blood and in my veins. I do not seek rewards on Earth for all the good that I do but I do question what I do and to see if I could do it better. I know that every step forward that I make is recorded, therefore I need to ensure stability in my actions, tranquillity in my mind, sensibility in my planning, respectability in my portfolio and manoeuvrability in my daily agenda. What I do is what others see. If it is good hopefully I may inspire others to follow. What others do is what I see and hopefully if it is good I may be equally inspired. This is the mentally you need to adhere to. You need to lead the way by setting good examples. Positive Steps creates a podium of noted worthiness and credibility that others take note and want to follow. This is the way forward. This creates harmony amongst all human beings. This is in fact the motto of Universally Friendly, to care, to share and to remain fair. Be positive, use the month of April to get the ball rolling into your world of excitement and enjoyment. Love every day of your life. Change if change is needed, modify if modification beckons you to do so and follow a righteous path that has already been laid out for you. Leave a clear imprint for others to follow and lend a hand to those that are struggling. Do good and you shall leave a flurry of goodness behind you, like a sandstorm but golden, gentle and filled with hope. Can you imagine driving on an unchartered road that could lead anywhere? What good would it be to you if there was no flurry of goodness in front of you? I say onto you and verily too, fill the aspect of your life with positive thinking and make known to the world that your next step will be positive.

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