Wednesday 1 April 2015

Achieving Positive Results Increases Longevity

Achieving Positive Results Increases Longevity
Quote of the day
‘Longevity spells the duration of an individual life. In April we shall maintain positivity because Achieving Positive Results Increases Longevity.’

Filling your agenda with negativity rather than positivity will always leave you feeling stressed by the end of the day. Stress adds on the pressure for tomorrow. Stress is a mental as well as a physical strain. Stress creates worries and worries makes you fearful and anxious. As you stress you undress the vital mechanics of keeping fit and healthy. You actually do the converse by eating irregularly and thinking abnormally. Stress is a killer, lessening your lifespan, reducing your happiness and creating a mountain of debts. We need to achieve positive results from today onwards. To achieve positive results requires positive thinking. We need to stop procrastinating and start concentrating, calculating and actuating our work for the day. If we are able to commit to writing what needs to be done for the day then we need to commit to action all day long. Get the job done I say but add a little enthusiasm to the equation. You need to commit to something that seems positive rather than negative. If it is positive than it is doable. Don’t live by the day but live for the day instead. Longevity is your reward for hard and consistent work. In April we are going to learn how to capitalise on the word Positivity. Positivity is about sharing too. Positivity is about caring for all. Positivity is about enduring hardships and about sustaining companionships. Stay for long, stay for a song, stay for a lifelong experience of laughter, joy and happiness. Say to yourself that you are positive and that you shall be constant in all your endeavours. Learn to be positive rather than negative. Follow me for the next 29 days and let us open new doors that lightens our workload with awe and wonder.

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