Monday 13 April 2015

‘Ascent or Descent’

‘Ascent or Descent’
Quote of the day
‘A week of Ascension creates unique opportunities turning dreams into realism. Conversely a week of Descent creates a landslide of impossibilities resulting in dead ends rather than open doors.’

Monday is universally accepted as the 1st working day of the week for any individual, working, studying or retired. Therefore it stands as a flagship to a working week of hardship, courtship, better relationships or possible entrepreneurships. Your intent creates the rudder to your week long journey, repeated 52 times a year for 100 years of your existence. Your intent based on how you spent your previous weekend will determine how your working week will eventually pan out. Having a knowledge of what you have to do helps. If you start work at 8AM already you know the procedure to get ready and be at work at 8AM. If your intent is right then you shall always be content. If your intent is uncertain than you shall steer yourself into a sea of either opulence, corpulence, excellence, insolence, violence or nonviolence. The question is do you want to ascent or descent. Ascent makes you rise above the rest. It makes you real. By being real people regard you as honest, genuine, productive and punctual. Descent is the converse, it makes you live with dreams that rise above the clouds and disappear like them. It makes you dishonest, insincere, unpunctual and unproductive. You are the driver of your intent and this is why I stated that your weekend promotes your working week. Fill your heart with warmth during the weekend and you shall fill your working week entrusted with accomplishment and fulfilment. Don’t fall into a sea of uncertainty. Don’t gamble with your life. Don’t assume the outcome of your working week. Plan in advance to realise the workload of your daily agenda and steer your intent to fulfil and accomplish these tasks diligently. Landing in a sea of opulence, corpulence, excellence, insolence, violence or nonviolence will determine whether you ascent or descent. Driven by a positive intent will always land you on right side up. You will always be opulent, excellent and nonviolent. Driven by a negative intent will always land you on the wrong side of the coin. You will always be corpulent, insolent and violent. What do you want in life? If you are a meritocratic Goal Setter than you will only want success to be achieved unselfishly. Don’t let hardship follow you like a tail of a kite. Develop a better intent manifested from methodical thinking during your previous weekend. From it comes a world of opulence opening doors to courtships, better relationships or possible entrepreneurships. Ascent Dear Friends like a jaguar that moves up rather than stays down in the savannah of uncertainty. Ascent like the redwood that stands as the tallest of all trees. Don’t slump into descent where you can be trampled by others. Don’t descent into a bout of negativity that brings home the common stress and anger that children fear and remember. Don’t descent but ascent. Have a great working week.

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