Sunday 12 April 2015

I will always remember you

I will always remember you
Quote of the day
‘I will always remember YOU for the good that YOU have done to me and to my family and friends. I will remember the sacrifice that YOU have endured, YOUR words of wisdom and YOUR courage to face the discouraged ones.’

I am so grateful to be here on planet Earth today and for tomorrow and for the rest of my life to share in the wonder and opulence of life. Sunday is a day that enables me to engage in the glory of life so painstakingly laid out on a blanket of fortune and in an atmosphere of inspiration. I will always remember the enduring presence of our LORD who started the whole process of my salvation and for giving me the wisdom to live on. Yes, over twenty years ago I decided to end my life but the LORD held my hand and give me a burst of encouragement to start all over again. HE identified my dilemmas written in my tears and wiped them away with speckles of joy and happiness written in HIS hands. Today I live on and just want to carry on living until I have performed all my earthly duties by constantly caring, sharing and remaining fair. When I start my day with a prayer I don’t utter repetition but instead recite a personal rendition of remembrance. I will always remember the LORD for the good that HE has done to me and to my family and friends. I will always remember the sacrifice that HE had endured, HIS words of wisdom and HIS courage to face the discouraged ones. When I conclude my morning prayer I feel so invigorated to spend the warmth of Sunday, scheduled for rest and manufactured to caress in the glory of life. As for the rest of my week scheduled to work and manufactured to cater for all my prayers help me to become more fulfilled and accomplished. My prayers are like the fire that ignites the wick of a candle. The candle may light up the surroundings for me to see and do and listen and learn but without the ignition or the fire there will never be any light. Prayers are really needed to start your day bountiful and fruitful. Remembrance helps you appreciate the ones that have created a clearer path for you to follow and to become enlightened. You need to always remember. You need to remember the lineage of people that lived for you. Photographs helps, video footage encourages, words moves mountains and tears brings joy and profound happiness. As you walk into the steps of victory each day angels who are really ancestral beings watch over you, nudging you when you get out of line, inspiring you when you are in line and motivating you to remain fine. Don’t forget to remember. Don’t forget about the gallant servicemen and women past and present that lived to protect us. Don’t forget about your parents that nurtured you from birth. Don’t forget about your peers that passed down knowledge and encouraged you to go to college. Don’t forget about the dustmen and women that clears your rubble and keep the streets free from trouble such as vermin. Don’t forget about the birds that are certified carriers of pollination. Always live to remember and always live to create better memories. You need to do this for it does form part of your daily ritual.

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