Monday 27 April 2015

‘The Privileges of an Individual’

‘The Privileges of an Individual’
Quote of the day
‘The Privileges of an Individual can best be defined has the freedom to live their lives according to their decree exalting in pleasure to live it, the joy to exalt in the success of their chosen goals and the honour to serve thy Heavenly Father.’

I cannot possibly step out of my front door today without acknowledging my existence and the role that I have to play in the faculty of my choice. This is the greatest contentment in my life knowing that I have a choice to make in my career, in my marriage, in raising my family and in the many engagements of life of the modern world rather than let someone else do it for me. This is the definition of freedom to me or an individual and despite this bold statement many people around the world do not share in this freedom because of the autonomy of many an individual is often suppressed. The autonomy of an Individual is pivotal to the way the Earth revolves and to the way the shrubbery grows and how the flowers bloom. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls wherever you are or whoever you are you have the right to freedom. You have the right to work the Earth at your developed pace and to create a path for others to follow. You have a unique choice to make your world a dazzling planet in The Universe. This is why I have always stated wholeheartedly that we are indeed the sole custodians of the living world to enact a lifestyle and to create a lifestyle that fair, joyful and harmonious. I want to tell you today that when you step out of your front door today you need to wear the right attire to transpire into the individual that you are meant to be. Over the last 7 days we highlighted the importance of your time and the management of it. This constitutes your daily agenda. Whatever you wrote in your daily agenda makes you unique and different from the person next to you. This written agenda is based on your personal choice, possibly influenced by others but to be executed in your own altruistic fashion. To exalt in the pleasure of living your life expresses your desire and passion to be methodical and logical in everything that you do, think or say. To be joyful in everything that you do, say or think promotes your ability to accomplish and fulfil your weekly agenda to the best of your ability. Finally, to acknowledge your Heavenly Father in prayer and in worship displays your human ability to serve and to serve unselfishly. Does the above make sense to you, if so then walk out of the front door today and head straight towards your goals conquering them in gentle and peaceful actions that others can see and become inspired to follow.

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