Thursday 9 April 2015

‘Positive is Attractive’

‘Positive is Attractive’
Quote of the day
‘The Power of Positivity lies in the ability to attract it like a magnet that only attracts magnetic materials. If you do not switch your polarity to attract positivity you will remain where you are or shift towards negativity.’

Our theme for April is Positivity. APRIL stands for ‘Achieving Positive Results Increases Longevity’. Longevity is to live for ever and ever and to live on planet Earth for the full duration of 100 years, not a second more or a second less. I will be 56 years of age on the 18th of April 2015. This gives me a further 44 years of fruitful living in a world filled with fruits. I can also lessen these remaining years of my life if I am not careful. If I consume alcohol there is a good chance that my lifespan will be lower. If I smoke I am guaranteed to have problems with my lungs and will be susceptible to various lung infections. If I do drugs then I will become an eventual addict and may die of a possible overdose. If I eat excessively and incorrectly I will alter my BMI, increase my cholesterol levels, have high blood pressure and be a likely candidate to contract diabetes. All of these negative concepts of life shifts the balance of living for a full duration of 100 years to a life that is incomplete. An incomplete life is a wasted life. An incomplete life is one of negativity without creativity. Where do you stand in the epitome of time? In other words what is your demeanour at the moment and are you willing to change this image to a positive one or do you live by the day and for the day. A meritocratic Goal Setter is one that lives the full duration of life. He or she is a centennial being that endures the experiences of life both good and bad and seeks and achieves positivity all day long. Achieving positivity is simple. Positivity can be likened to huge magnet. I am sure that you messed around with a magnet at some point in your life and from your childhood experimentations normally at school you would have concluded that magnets only attract magnetic materials. Positivity is the magnet that you need to be attracted to. However if you shift towards non-magnetic properties then positivity changes to negativity. To remain more magnetic in your approach to life you need to shift away from addictions such as smoking, drinking, drugs and excessive eating. It is hard if you already have a bad habit but at least consider moderating your usage. APRIL is a month to become attracted to positivity. It is month to progress rather than regress. It is a month to be constructive rather than destructive. It is a month to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. It is a month to be helpful rather than unhelpful. It is a month to build confidence in you rather than lack confidence. It is a month to live a life of certainty instead of wandering into a path of uncertainty. Become a magnetic living being and aim to find the power of attraction. Achieve positive results in April and you shall live to the full 100 years, blissfully. Why not, you are entitled to it!

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