Tuesday 21 April 2015

‘Pureness is Sureness’

‘Pureness is Sureness’
Quote of the day
‘‘To endure life you need to be pure at heart, you need to be sure about your intentions and you need to ensure that these intentions are altruistic.’

Life has its ups and downs. You could start your day in a robust way but an ounce of negativity can topple your entire day leaving you weak, tired and negative. It is hard to maintain a positive attitude when there is so much of negativity in front of you. Every day is a learning curve. What we learn today can help make tomorrow a better day. Life is about building on experiences, it is about being brave in the most awkward situations and it is about the power of sustainment. This is what enduring life is all about. Life is wonderful but man has made rules that can make life quite strenuous. Man believes in money rather than in the purpose of life. Therefore you can be caught up in such a snare taking a positive situation and turning it into a negative one. To overcome this we need to maintain purity at heart. We need to be sure about our intentions and we need to ensure that our intentions are always altruistic. This is hard to maintain. Whatever we seem to do with good intentions always seems to ends up with bad tensions. Purity at heart is about focussing on what you have to do. It is about ensuring that whatever decision you make you give it 100% of your concentration. Purity is also about faithfulness, faithful to your household, faithful to your employer or staff, faithful to your spouse, faithful to your friends and faithful to your country. You cannot walk the streets of your intentions with a blemished agenda. You need to enact your life despite the negative opposition in front of you or behind you to the best of your ability. In order words you need to be true to life. Every week of your life is governed by a written agenda. If you do not have one then you need to start with one immediately instead of relying on your memory. An agenda makes your intentions infallible and accurate. Pureness is Sureness and vice versa. Pureness and Sureness stems from an altruistic attitude to life itself. Think of what you have to do tomorrow. How confident are you that it will be accomplished and fulfilled by the end of the day? It is all about having good intentions and remaining in a positive mood despite triggered to act conversely. 

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