Tuesday 28 April 2015

‘Discrimination vs Differentiation’

‘Discrimination vs Differentiation’
Quote of the day
‘It is painful to discriminate but helpful to differentiate.’

Discrimination is a weakening tool used by all human beings to incite prejudice, unfairness, bigotry and inequality. Our eyes creates the perfect snapshot to initiate discrimination and from our sightings we often resort to fighting, smiting, arguing, disagreeing, lusting, separating, competing or constant challenging. Our success in life is dependent on other people, without whom we cannot exist in a vast planet teeming with opulence and opportunities. Colonisation has created rifts between so many people. New terminologies have been created from the birth of colonisation such as class, segregation and denigration. I say onto you and verily too make friends and not enemies. Don’t discriminate but learn to differentiate. Differentiation is a powerful tool that can be used by human beings the world over to enhance their lifestyles and to promote friendship and love. Differentiation identifies differences between people. You can tell the young from the old, males from females, children from toddlers, students from pupils, the rich from the poor, the infirm from the strong, the weak and the meek, the workers from the retired ones, the sick from the healthy, the unemployed from the employed, the homeless from the sheltered, the refugees from the natives and so on. Learn to discriminate and you topple the balance of your sanity. You get aggressive, angry, bereaved, belittled, unfriendly, sad, discourteous, arrogant and discerning. Learn to differentiate and you start to see life in a different perspective. Differentiation makes you polarise different situations in life. You polarise sadness into happiness, hunger into surfeit, poverty into wealth, sickness into good health, and sufferings into joy and abuse into protection. Don’t judge another human being or grudge them either. Don’t heckle someone but show them speckles of joy and happiness instead. If you see someone today don’t discriminate them but differentiate them instead. If they are young seek to show them by example etiquette, patience and understanding. If they are infirm confirm to them openly that you would like to help even if it is just to walk them across the street. If they are beautiful acknowledge their beauty with love rather than lust. If they are rich become inspired to be as rich as them rather than be jealous of them from the core of your intentions. If they are homeless lend a helping hand, give them something to encourage them to be appreciated. Don’t follow the trial of discrimination that has left the whole world with lost souls and bitterness from above the equator to down under. Follow the trial that is righteous from the start to the very end. Please always carry this motto, ‘it is painful to discriminate but helpful to differentiate.’

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