Wednesday 8 April 2015

‘Overweight remains a strong debate’

‘Overweight remains a strong debate’
Quote of the day
‘The rate of failures in your life is directly proportional to how much you are overweight by. 10kgs in excess of your normal weight will mean that you are 10 times more likely to make a failure in anything that you do, think or say.’

It is nice to have a vision of your future in a world filled with opulence for all. To gain a portion of this opulence however you do need to have excellence in your pedigree, nonviolence in your manifesto, benevolence in your heart and equivalence in your goals. To muster these wonder elements in your life a healthy body is a prerequisite. A healthy body is a mighty machine designed to lift, designed to shift and designed to be swift. Like a car a healthy body can accelerate when needed and decelerate when required. A healthy body is directly related to a healthy mind. Marry the two and you will create successful entrepreneurs of the future. The likes of Richard Branson, Tony Robbins or Bill Gates are key examples to follow. BMI is the critical factor to your success. BMI stands for two plausible entities. The first is Body Mass Index. The Body, Mass Index is the calculation of body fat in relationship to your age, height and weight. The prefect BMI to aim for is 18.5 – 25. Anything above this figure or below this figure will render you useless in terms of the next meaning of BMI. The second meaning of BMI stands for Body, Mind Infusion. Your mind the playground of your ideas creates a vision of what you would like to be or what changes you would want to make to your current status quo. Your body is the machine that takes ideas and shifts them into real-time action. Infusion is the perfect combination of a healthy body and a healthy mind to create the ideal reaction. The real question to ask yourself is, do you want to be successful for the rest of your life, free from harm, free from debt and free to live? Surely the answer is affirmative to this most common and repetitive question but why do we fail to maintain a good BMI. Why do we procrastinate? Why do we put our health at risk? Why do we fail when we should succeed? Is the answer fear or is the answer unclear. I think the answer lies in bit of both. I think that we are fearful because we do not want to believe that we could have a body that is perfect. Yet, we are all fundamentally the same irrespectively of colour, gender, culture or creed. So, why fear when you can revere instead. All it takes is to follow a set of instructions that has worked before. The second answer is that we are unclear because society has labelled us as poor, middle-classed, fat, ugly or any of the intimidating remarks we often get. I want to make it clear that you should not accept labels created by other people but instead stick to the one label that GOD has given you and that is a human being designed to live and designed to love. Use this as your armour to overcome obesity. Use this like a Farmer to instil need seeds of hope and glory in your heart that grows into success over a period of time.

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