Wednesday 15 April 2015


Quote of the day
Change Has Always Nurtured Growth Easily for me. You see as I grew older I knew I needed to grow stronger in mind and in body. Change helps me to do just that.’
Previous Quote
‘In order to see an effective change the world over we need first to make an individual change.’
The Formula for Success
Success = 100 – YA. 100 relates to your earthly existence, from birth to death, nothing more and nothing less.

The word CHANGE holds key alphabets which we can use as an acronym to understand the importance of CHANGE in our lives and in the lives of others not forgetting the welfare of our planet. The word CHANGE used an acronym stands for: Change Has Always Nurtured Growth Easily for me. The two key words in this acronym is Nurtured and Growth. Growth is about development, both physically and mentally. As we grow each second of our lives we grow anatomically but also we grow in many other ways that changes what happens tomorrow. Anatomical changes are about physical changes to our body. The other changes could be comical, astronomical, economical, biochemical, characterological, clinical, financial or even spiritual changes to name but a few. You are seeing changes in you and around you all the time. Where there is a need there is a demand. Today I want you to acknowledge the importance of CHANGE and how important individual CHANGE is to you irrespective of your age and how important overall CHANGE is to others and to our planet as a whole. The second word in the acronym was nurtured. The word nurtured as a broad meaning but the meaning we are concerned about today is feed. It is about feeding information to ourselves on a constant basis, day in and day out. It is about learning to reach the foothills of knowledge. It is about educating ourselves to become unselfish and wise. It is about adhering to a set of instructions that leads to positive results. It is about caring for the people that you love and for the welfare of your planet as a whole. As you grow you are constantly nurturing, consciously and unconsciously. This is what CHANGE or individual CHANGE is all about. It is about the ability to learn from your mistakes and to correct them for future encounters of something similar. The ageing process is actually a learning process. Some lessons learnt are painful and everlasting. CHANGE compensates for that. CHANGE makes you see clearly ahead of you and creates awareness of your next intention. CHANGE is personal and CHANGE is a challenge. CHANGE invokes a spirit of transformation, to transform the memories of the past, either good or bad into better memories of the future. CHANGE Dear Friends, alter negativity to create positivity. Modify bad habits to change them to good ones. Vary your schedule to invoke a desire and passion in what you do. Convert evil and upheaval for peace and serenity. CHANGE today and watch the changes of tomorrow unfold.

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