Saturday 25 April 2015

‘Module Management’

‘Module Management’
Quote of the day
‘Every second is so vital to make a significant difference to your life. You need to create modules in your day, each made up of clusters of seconds and spend the rest of your life managing these modules. You need to decide on whether you need to increase or decrease the number of seconds you spend on each module.’

It is wrong to waste time, it is equally wrong to waste money. Management of your time will transport you to a fruitful life towering above the rest and ensuring that you have adequate rest. Management of your money will transport you to financial freedom nestling in comfort and away from the stresses of financial discomfort. How do we achieve these idealistic conditions that everyone alive has the right to? Why do we struggle when we can snuggle in comfort at weekends as well as during the weekdays? Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls it is all about Time Management. It is about dividing and conquering. It is about dividing your tasks for the day into manageable workloads and executing them to the best of your ability. Manageable workloads are under your control. You write them down according to your passion and desire and then execute them according to your abilities and capabilities. Weekends are special. Weekdays are equally special. You are special. The fact is everyone is special, everything is special and more importantly every second of your life is special. This is why I have always stated Time Management is your vital weapon to your survival. Manage your time well and you will manage your life well. Each segment of your day is referred to as a module. Modules are really building blocks of your day. Construct them with accuracy and you will have an accomplished and fulfilled day. Therefore before you commit to a module you need to establish whether you can complete it or not. It is easy to commit mentally but a lot harder to execute manually. Your body and mind need to communicate as one and work together in unison. You need to dress without stress. You need to eat with less meat, sweets and treats. You need to work out, burnout the fat, dropout the procrastination and takeout the laziness. You need to these things diligently. Time Management is about allocation of time in seconds to each module. Modules could be simple workloads or complex workloads. Every module in your life changes the way tomorrow becomes. A good day constructed in advance cultivates a better tomorrow. Good days makes you positive. 

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