Thursday 16 April 2015

What is your problem?

What is your problem?
Quote of the day
‘Problems are man’s greatest difficulties. Everyone has a different problem and hence a different difficulty. The common denominator to all problems however is a solution. Solutions are key resolutions to your problems.’

We all have problems of some sort stuck up our sleeves, fearful to reveal them and tearful to overcome them. Problems come in all shapes and sizes but the common denominator to a problem is a solution. Solutions are a way out of the worst dilemmas or the most trivial matters. As I pen this article to you today timed at 21:00PM I know that I have several problems which often vexes my daily routine. Everyone has problems, some of their problems are small whilst others are big. I heard a lady speak of her ordeal on the radio today of how she was raped by 18 men in a single night. This is indeed a huge problem that occurs every second of the day. Problems spiral their way across the globe disharmonising peace and creating havoc. In Durban a child is burnt alive for no valid reason but certainly over confusion. On a lesser note my computer shuts down if it is left on for a long time, rebooting does not restore lost data. This is a technical problem that needs technical expertise. Yes, problems do come in various shapes and sizes. How do we overcome problems? We overcome problems by finding solutions. Solutions are like psychological tools that can be used to resolve, dissolve and absolve problems that afflicts you. Problem resolve is what you need to aim for but first you need to know what the problem is. I could name a few but problems spiral into millions of tiny units that coalesce to form inhibitors in your life. Problems are drains in your life and solutions are radiators. Get to understand your problem and don’t keep them to your chest, you need to expose them. Help is always at hand but finding the right help that is associated with your problem can be difficult. You cannot seek assistance from a Baker to remedy your computer. You need an IT Specialist. You cannot talk to a motor mechanic about your ailment. You need to tap on the door that states the qualification of your consultant. Once a problem is resolved you then need to dissolve it. Dissolving a problem means that you do not want it to recur. Finally are you willing to absolve? In other words will you forgive your perpetrator? 

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