Sunday 26 April 2015

‘The Importance of Living’

‘The Importance of Living’
Quote of the day
‘No one has the right to interfere with any module of your day created by yourself. Each module in your day is a building block to your subsistence. Weakening any module in your life and your whole subsistence will come tumbling down.’

Everything in life requires planning. Planning in advance steers you towards a more fulfilling and accomplished lifestyle. Yesterday we spoke about the importance of creating modules in your day and for the rest of your week. Every action constitutes a module. Making a hearty breakfast is a module itself. Planning a day before can create the best breakfast ever pumped with nutrition and sprinkled with elegant cuisine. Planning in advance ensures that you have the right ingredients and the perfect combinations of foods to highlight family togetherness and happy feelings. Doing things without planning creates havoc, chaos and certain disaster. My modules for the rest of the week as already manifested itself into a draft form waiting to be written into my memo in the final format. I know what I have to do and I go about doing it. I am in charge of my life and I am the sole proprietor of my allocated seconds for the day whether I work for someone or for myself. I am then driven by these modules and generally speaking by the end of the week I feel accomplished and fulfilled.  Dear friends, I want you to try this simple task of creating modules in your life. Having a bath is a module expressed as a schedule. In this particular schedule you know exactly what time you will have a bath and for how long. You will know whether you will wash your hair and perhaps exfoliate as well. All of these take time and by adhering to a schedule you will know exactly what to do. Rushing over a defined schedule will create instant havoc. Washing your pets or your car are created modules or schedules. Did you have a profitable week when you hang up your gear on Friday afternoon? Was it accomplished and fulfilled? Do you tick off every aspect of your daily schedule confidently and professionally? Did you have an agenda in the first place? Dear Friends, please take the opportunity in your relaxed day to foresee the week ahead of you. Keep a watchful eye on the weather for the next 7 days. Monitor the transport services to be fully aware of possible disruptions. Plan menus in advance, ensure that they are healthy and a joy to prepare and eat. Write down each aspect of your daily chores into segmented modules with allocated time slots. Be realistic about your commitments. If it is to commit than I say don’t quit, get on with it. If you need help always remember that help is always there. Start your day with a prayer but ensure that you allocate time to do so. Don’t rush over anything, if you cannot do it then don’t commit to it. Use this strategy to create a more positive outlook to your life. Thank you for sharing these 7 positive articles with me. Print them off and refer to them from time to time. It will really help you.

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