Tuesday 7 April 2015

The delight of the Light

The delight of the Light
Quote of the day
‘Delight to the heart ignites desire and passion. Delight to the soul incites the rhythm to live. Delight to the mind recites written plans for the day. Without an ounce of delight life isn’t so bright.’

Delightfulness is a euphoria of splendour, grandeur and a source of positive energy that if tapped into will delight, make bright, incite and ignite your day let alone your entire life. Delightfulness is an aura of lovability and attractiveness waiting to be plucked by true believers. Delight does bring delight to one’s heart igniting desire and passion to make positives out of life’s negatives. Delight incites the soul to the rhythmic sound of life. Waking up early makes you appreciate the cadenced mellows of the early morning fellows of industrial labour scouring the earth to create perfect tracks for you to walk on. Delight also makes you recite your written plans for the day, tweaking the troughs and crests of your work’s schedules to enable you to become more accomplished and fulfilled. What is life without an ounce of delight? Yesterday we spoke of ‘What is life without life itself’. If you miss this article please read it at:
Dear Friends always reach for the greatest magnitude in your daily performance. Add a dose of friendly delight to the equation and you shall prompt the most amazing input to achieve the maximum output. This is what life is all about. Life is about loving to live rather than hating to abide by it. Get up and go I say. Make positivity you daily ritual. Delightfulness is the prodigy of life, sparkling an incentive to make your day worthy and your life fulfilled and accomplished. Yesterday we were reminded of the Light in the resurrection of our LORD Jesus Christ. Today we shall carry this light of renewable energy into the frontiers of our destiny and time. Delightfulness will make us bounce over obstacles and steer and jump over unforeseen hurdles. Delightfulness is new and renewable energy that will create the sparkle for us in APRIL. Remember APRIL stands for ‘Achieving Positive Results Increases Longevity’. Delightfulness promotes positivity. Have a delightful day.

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