Sunday 5 April 2015

The seed that feeds your needs.

The seed that feeds your needs.
Quote of the day
‘Newness is like a seed. From it emerges the beginning of something like you or your goals. Each seed is encoded differently therefore each manifestation looks different according to a need.’

Dear Friends, the sparkle of dignity originates from humble beginnings. It starts with simplicity and grows and grows into something magical and sophisticated and when you look into the mirror you are actually staring right at it. Tweak the input to what you want to become and the output shall respond. Decide on a new hairstyle and something magical happens afterwards. You will always see the new you each and every time. Everything originates from a simple concept called the seed available in various formats over the aeons. Now a seed to the naked eye looks pretty simple, shapely and encased in a rigid body. However on close investigation a seed holds a lot more. It contains instructions to grow. Each instruction for each seed is different hence the output or outcome always look different. Like a hairstyle written by you and cut by someone else the input will result in an output that will make you look different each time? Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and Girls this is a very crucial for you to grasp. All things in life manifest from a need and that need is constantly being fed with instructions. Dinosaurs looked like dinosaurs for a reason because there was a need for them. You look like you because there is a need for you. However many of us do not feel important because other people have suppressed the way we think. Today I want to tell you that you can change this by altering the instructions to your personal seed, seated in your heart so that when you grow from tomorrow your result will be exactly how you wanted it to be and not how someone else decided your fate. If you wanted wealth then you need to instil instructions to create wealth. If you need good health then you would need to instil instructions to create good health. When these instructions unfold a new person emerges, reborn into a new world, changing the future for the good and changing themselves for the better. Easter Monday encourages us to do this. Easter Monday is about changing your instructions to create a new you based on your needs. Develop slowly the seed that feeds your needs and watch how your input changes your entire outlook.

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