Friday, 21 August 2015

The life of a Meritocratic Goal Setter

The life of a Meritocratic Goal Setter

Quote of the day

‘The Life of a Meritocratic Goal Setter is always focussed on getting the job done with perfection, affection, direction and selection, a strategy I call PADS. Keeping your PADS on will always ensure a successful day let alone a successful life.’

Have you got your PADS on, a meritocratic Goal Setters always keeps their PADS on. They believe in Perfection, Affection, Direction and Selection. Meritocratic Goal Setters are Perfectionists. They seek accomplishment and fulfilment on a grand scale. They aim for a faultless display of accolades achieved in the best possible way and in the most unselfish way. They have Direction in what they do from dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn. They plan before they take action. They map their charter with precision identifying each aspect of their daily agenda with great management and control. They believe in affection. They are friendly to the core, generous to restore and loving to adore. They have a broad range of interests, an assortment of hobbies, a range of talents and a variety of achievements. They certainly have a noted selection to be proud of. Dear Friends you could do the same. If your life is perplexed with worries, debts, illness, sadness, bereavement or confusion, fear not for all of these anomalies can soon disappear? Like an ailment there is always a prescription at hand. The world is your oyster and the pearl is your treasure you just need the courage to accept it. So, when doubt sets in or trouble stands at your front door consolidate your life into something more purposeful by becoming a meritocratic goal setter. A meritocratic goal setter has no trace of doubt in their heart for they place reliance on Almighty GOD. They keep their PADS on at all times and meet their day with courage and determination. They have faith in their abilities and capabilities and never lose hope when it matters most. They start their day in prayer and end it with gratitude. They carry their TAG with them at ALL times. (TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD). They open the windows of their lives each day and inhale the warmth of living it. They believe in keeping fit, fecund and safe. They are active both mentally and physically. They mingle in company that encourages them and avoid company that discourages them.

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