Monday, 3 August 2015



Quote of the day

‘SUCCESS if Undertaken Correctly & Consistently Eliminates Stress and Strain.’


Success could exist in different ways, you could be the accomplisher or someone that is about to accomplish something. You could be at a starting point to SUCCESS or you could be at the end of it. Whatever stage of your career towards SUCCESS is I can assure you that if you are consistent in your efforts you will succeed. If you do things correctly you will also succeed. Therefore SUCCESS if Undertaken Correctly & Consistently Eliminates Stress and Strain. To have Stress in your life is quite debilitating. Stress creates Tension, Pressure and Worries in your life, and as a meritocratic Goal Setter living in the 21st Century you simply do not want Stress in your life, neither do you need the strain. Strain is a menacing pain. Although stress and strain are similar in definition I like to classify them as follows. Stress creates Tension, Pressure and Worries in your life. Strain on the other hand is the aftereffect of stress. Strain is about your personal threshold. How long can you endure the tension, pressure and worries before you snap. As you can see Stress and Strain is a definite no-no for any individual, young or old. We need to seek SUCCESS correctly and consistently and in doing so we can and will eliminate Stress and Strain. Stress is like putting a 10 kg pocket of potatoes on your head and leaving it there for 10 minutes. Strain is the consequences of leaving the pocket of potatoes on your head. You will eventually feel the tension that it creates on your head, pushing down onto your neck and then weakening your vertebrae. How long can you handle the pressure, 5 minutes, 6 minutes or even ten minutes before dropping the pocket of potatoes down on the floor? The worries start when you are about to drop it. Will I burst the bag? Will I break anything in the process? Strain comes afterwards. Strain makes you feel the pain after you dropped the pocket of potatoes down. Strain could be physical or mental. Therefore I say onto you and verily too go all out to succeed but do it consistently and correctly. What is your goal? Is it to generate funds to free you from the burden of debt? The starting point if you haven’t started already is simple. You need to identify what you need rather than what you want. You need to search for ways to generate money and then do a research on your find to see if you have the aptitude to fulfil it. This is called passion and desire. Everything starts on a blank canvas. The first thing to etch on this blank canvas is your need. What follows next is the procedure or the method. Attached to this is patience. So, if you are a farmer and want to grow vegetables you need to decide what vegetables you want to grow and why do you want to grow it. If it is for profit you need to identify the correct procedure. You then need to be consistent in your efforts even if the rains came and destroyed your harvest, you need to start again and again until you get it right. You need to build into your agenda the risk factor and you need to understand how to cope if any risks come your way. Fortunately disasters don’t occur all the time. Take away the Stress and the Strain from your life and you have the makings of a successful goal setter destined to achieve and accomplish. Think Success and you shall succeed. Think rewards and you shall be rewarded. Think of a stress-free life and you shall eliminate stress for good.

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