Sunday, 9 August 2015

Reach for the beach

Reach for the beach

Quote of the day

‘Get the vitamin D rolling when the Sun shines. Reach for the beach and enjoy the merriment of a summer’s day.’

Our body plays an important role in the manufacture of our long-term success. What is the value of wealth when we lack the good health to enjoy it? As I have always stated without good health life has no real value. Good health comes from your persistent and resilient daily efforts to eat well and exercise regularly. A lot of it comes from common-sense. Commercial sense has somewhat turn the tables to a good and healthy diet. Today’s food outlets are designed to attract and are loaded with the wrong quantities of salt, fat and oils. You need to go for gold when attaining your goals. Golden goals gives you an affluent lifestyle. It is sensible, reasonable and doable. Today is the perfect day to make sense of your life, to reason with my proposals and then to do it. Today I want you to soak up the sunshine, sounds reasonable? I want you to soak up the sunshine like never before. I want you to reach for the nearest beach and bask in the glory of our golden sunshine. Pack your gear and fear not for the suns shall guide you to a day of intense pleasure and leisure. I am heading for Margate. I am heading for the peak sunshine to get my vitamin D activated. Sunshine brightens our lives and manufactures our lifetime supply of vitamin D. As you know vitamin D is essential to absorb calcium and phosphorous from our diet. Lack of it in children can lead to rickets and lack of it in adults can lead to osteomalacia. Go for gold, make your goals golden under a golden Sun that shines onto the glory of our lives. Have a great and relaxing Sunday.

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