Friday, 28 August 2015

My Personal Guarantee

Quote of the day

‘For almost two decades I followed a set of instructions that worked and shall I follow these instructions forever and ever until told otherwise. I do this because I know that the results I get are always guaranteed to be correct. Today I want you to consider these instructions to make tomorrow a better day in your life.’

It is sad to say farewell to a spirited month. August 2015 for me as been special in so many ways. I hope and pray that my daily tweets has inspired you to take firm action of your affairs and to start a pattern of significant change for your life ahead of you. It is never too late for anything. It certainly is never too late for you to turn the tables in your life. Your life is precious and therefore you need to value it every second of the day. When I was 35 years of age I felt that my life had come to an end, how wrong I was. To the contrary my life had just begun and today I have changed so significantly and dramatically in all spheres of my daily activities.  How did it work for me, a man, a husband and a father of three? How did I go from zero to being a local hero? How did I change the whole concept of my life and gain answers to so many questions that remained a conjecture for so long? Dear Friends I say with openness that my life changed because I followed a set of instructions that worked, period. These instructions from above which I call ‘The Extranet’ formulated my 3 books called The Modern Day Trilogy which I compiled almost 20 years ago. I borrowed a typewriter from a good friend and started creating the blueprint of my personal success. I started to share my findings initially with my students and gave them a copy to read. With such great enthusiasm and feedback from my students it inspired me to make available The Modern Day Trilogy to people from all parts of the world. Today I have friends that are of different cultures, different demographics and different opinions and they have given me even greater encouragement to write and write. The Modern Day Trilogy is a set of three inspiring books that when read will unlock the mysteries of Life. The Mysteries of life is made up of the mystery of The Universe, The purpose of The Creation and of course of YOU, the vital link to ALL living things. Yes, YOU, a living individual that has the right to a fair and equal life and to be saluted as an human being that lived to 100 years.  Perhaps your personal predicament has given you no hope or courage to acknowledge this fact. However when you read The Modern Day Trilogy you will discover the real meaning of your life on Earth, your purpose and more importantly your destiny. I want you to walk the plains of success knowing that you have an equal right to it, The Universe is opulent and will cater for all your needs. I am threading the plains of success right this very second, it feels great, purposeful and awesome. I want you to feel the same. When you have direction you have a mental mind-set to move forward in life to the things you ardently feel passionate about.  You must read The Modern Day Trilogy during the month of September and follow a set of instructions that works.

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