Saturday, 8 August 2015

Start Monday with the Power to Deliver

Start Monday with the Power to Deliver

Quote of the day

‘The Power to Deliver demonstrates your unique ability to produce the value of your Service, Product or Ideas to your Customers, Friends and Families.’

Welcome to the 2nd weekend of August 2015 and as we strive to excel in our performance I want to talk today about the Power to Deliver daily, from dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn. The Power to deliver, our theme for today highlights your consistency in performing well at all levels of your day. The Power to Deliver ignites your ability to perform in a world filled with performers in different categories. The Power to Deliver tells the world that you are someone special, reliable, honest, full of integrity and trustworthy. The Power to Deliver makes you a person that is constantly in demand. The Power to Deliver is something that you need to attach to your resume. The Power to Deliver is about efficient production, efficient supplies and efficient provisions. To be consistent in ALL your daily efforts ranks you above the rest. People appreciate your reliability and your uniformity. Can you imagine been a renowned Baker delivering the best cakes and pastries in your district? Imagining it is one thing but delivering it is another. A renowned Baker will always be up at the crack of dawn to meet the criteria of his or her ability. They aim to please and they aim to strive for excellence at ALL levels of their performance. Whatever your field is from the culinary talents of a Michelin Chef to the technical expertise of an IT support member the world awaits you on a Monday morning. The Power to Deliver is what is needed out there. People want your services, your products or your Ideas. All performers in a modern world strive to seek excellence to their clients, families and friends. A Father or a Mother seeks excellence in their duties as a parent delivering the climax of a happy home and a prosperous future for their children. When you are a HIT the world wants to hear about you. Being a HIT is something that requires your best in all facets of your abilities and capabilities. (HIT, previously covered stands for Honesty, Integrity and Trust). The Power to deliver certainly makes you reliable to the core. If you say that you will be there at 10 then be there at 09:30 without fail! How do we develop the skills required to deliver? It all starts in the shed of your weekend activities, where your thought processes are linked together in a coherent fashion. Your weekends, a period to be rested, to be relaxed, to be reinvigorated, to be revitalised and to be restored gives you the prefect settings to plan in advance. It makes you reflect, inspect and correct last week’s performances. It makes you create the blueprint of tomorrows’ success stories. It is all about how you would want to start Monday. I say start Monday with a big bang, show the world that you can deliver. Have a smile the length of the Nile. Carry a face that shows that you are a person of distinct grace. Don’t offer the world a business card but instead offer them your friendliness, your kindness and your cleanliness. Try taking away one of the three qualities of your KFC. (KFC stands for Kindness, Friendliness and Cleanliness in this instance) Let us assume that you decided to be a little unfriendly on Monday morning as part of your Power to Deliver campaign. Always remember that what you give to the world is what they see and will always remember. On Monday you delivered cleanliness and kindness but for some reason you were notably unfriendly. Just the thought of being unfriendly makes your reputation crumble. Is it worth the risk? I say onto you and verily too, seek to deliver the best at all times and you will be blessed for your unselfish intent. Be friendly, be kind and be clean.

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