Monday, 24 August 2015

It is time to for Change

It is time to for Change

Quote of the day

‘In the valley of intrigue there is hope and there is restitution for ALL and not just for a few. There is basin filled with joy and a gorge oozing with happiness. There is a dale that brings you luck and a vale that clears you from bad luck. There is a hollow that makes it easy to follow and a clearing that shows you the way.’

Dear Friends when things are looking sombre you need to wave the magic wand and change it to a feeling of cheerfulness. It may seem hard but actually it isn’t hard at all. You may need a nudge from someone to get you back on your feet but the rest is up to you. When the Beatles broke up Paul McCartney went into a sombre phase. He shut down, he did not shave and he felt dismal and gloomy. A little nudge from Linda got him back on his feet and then came the solo hits. Life is like that, if it is too hot you need to switch to cold. If you are thirsty you need to have a drink. If you’re struggling you need to switch to a more carefree lifestyle. In order words don’t stick to a particular mode just change lanes and get onto to a new road. You need to search for the Valley of Intrigue. The Valley of Intrigue is a fascinating place on Earth that highlights how life should be. You just need to look for it. If there is sadness in your heart you need to be nudged in finding happiness, gladness and kindness. Finding it on your own especially if you are in a sombre state maybe a little hard but with a helping hand you can see deep down into the Valley of Intrigue. Look around you and you will see a smile, a whisper of joy and a candle of happiness. These are the highlights of your day. A smile will make you go wild. It will bring laughter by the tonnes and merriment by the barrow. Life is such a wonder for ALL creatures and as for us it is indeed a divine pleasure. You just need to instil hope in your heart. Your heart is like a valley of intrigue. It is a fertile plain and will yield value to your life if you instil usefulness, absoluteness, boldness, brightness, clearness, creativeness, divineness, eagerness, ethicalness, everlastingness and fairness into it. Like a farmer that grows crops you too need to follow a similar pattern in order to flourish into the realms of success. Success is a daily workout. You cannot neglect your muscles for they will turn to fat. Therefore you cannot neglect your success streak otherwise you will turn into a failure. It does not matter if you feel like a failure, if so all you have to do is switch to success. Instil good values in your heart and get started to become renewed and refreshed again. Eat according to your needs. Exercise for your needs. Combine the two and you shall have the hands of a farmer. Every good deed you perform will enhance the quality of your life. It is like planting a seed. Every seed germinates into something. Instil a seed of hope in your heart and you shall find a way to cope. Instil a seed of wealth and you shall inherit the Earth. Switch from sadness to gladness, switch from madness to happiness. Switch from poverty to royalty. Don’t stick to a depressing mode just switch over to a caressing and progressing mode. Start September with by switching to a more valuable change.

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