Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Importance of Autumn

The Importance of Autumn

Quote of the day
‘Autumn is a season of radical change, sweeping across the lands in changing hues and intergalactic colours. It is the end of Summer and changes happen over three crucial months. From these changes we should be enlightened to change, to put an end to our dilemmas and start all over again.’

Welcome to the 4th of August 2015 and thank you ever so much for reading this article today. It is all about understanding the season of Autumn and to use this knowledge to change your life from what it is to an even better one. Autumn is about the end or the closing curtain to Summer where the leaves change their hue from green to brown in stages of artistic colours sweeping across the land and covering the ground with dense debris. Temperatures fall and the arrival of night is a lot sooner. Autumn is a time of harvest, a time of celebration such as Thanksgiving and Sukkot. The kaleidoscope of colour in autumn changes too from blue skies we gather grey skies and from hot weather, we experience the cold in Autumn. Autumn brings about illnesses as we feel the distinct changes in the weather patterns. Autumn highlights the bitterness of your life and makes you think or prompts you to think how will you emerge in the season of Spring. Will you sprout like new shoots ready to start all over again or will you continue the way you are. Will you build resistant in you to overcome diseases and ailments or will you still need care and attention? Like changes that occur in autumn you need to change too. You need to know what parts of your life needs changing. If you don’t change then every season will capture the same you. Change comes from within you. It is about your emotions, it is about what is worrying you at this precise moment. It is about finding a way to end all your dilemmas for good. It is all about building the resistance to overcome your dilemmas rather than the temptation to surrender to them. Like how the leaves fall you need to drop your pride and let go off all the problems that vexes you. To let go you need to free yourself of all the burdens that are upon you. You need unleash your latent power from within you to overcome your fears and to start all over again. My articles in August will guide you and as you ride along on our 6 month journey towards success you will develop the skills to do just that. It is not rocket science and neither is it a secret. Success is available to ALL. Success is a gift from the heavens above. Everyone has the right to live equally. No one should be bludgeoned into a corner of domestic issues, financial issues, unemployment, poverty, hunger, illness or persecution. Man has created all of these problems, we need to create a way out of them.

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