Tuesday, 25 August 2015

People are the core to your overall Success.

People are the core to your overall Success.

Quote of the day

‘Success comes from following the right people. Right People deliver right morals and values for others to follow and set similar examples. Therefore love all and hate none.’

It is so wonderful to be alive amongst a brotherhood of over seven billion people. It is good to be in a collaboration of fine men and women that live to care, share and remain fair. Life is such a priceless gift bestowed upon men and women from all walks of life. Today I want you to realise this gift and value it each day with sincerity and appreciation. I want you to walk the face of the Earth with open arms to feel, touch and help people in the same way you would expect them to help you. I want you to give in the same way you would expect to receive. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we are indeed a huge family living on planet Earth in the 21st Century. We have a job to do so why not do it with love, passion and desire. We need to carry a motto of love. We need to exercise love each day and to embrace people with complete sincerity. Love is complete devotion to your course. Love is adoration of your fellow human being. Love is about genuine friendship. Love is about the passion and desire to serve our Heavenly Father. Love is a feeling of surety and purity. Love is tenderness that carries a gentle breeze of peace and a rainbow of fondness. Love is a caring tool to be used whenever love is lost. Love is about the softness of your life and the gentleness of your actions. You need to love all. You need to love people from all works of life with sheer determination and profound intent. Do not judge another human being irrespective of their colour, creed or culture. Do not judge another human being based on their emotions. Love one and another. Love them with all your heart.  Emotions are temporary so don't label a person based on their emotions. It is important to remain well. To be well means that you don’t dwell in the past, but live for today and tomorrow. To be well means that you do not live a life of hell. To be well means that you have an incredible and magical spell. Dear Friends, wake up knowing that you are not alone. Wake up knowing that you are a family of 7 billion individuals. Strive to succeed rather than strive to mislead by greed. Live for all. Live for continuity. Live to thrive. Live to survive. Live to be alive. Live to forgive. Live to drive. Live to 100 years. Live for eternity. Live to love. Live to revive. Live to satisfy. Live to rectify. Live to give. Living amongst people with love, honour and respect will carry you a long way.

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