Wednesday, 26 August 2015

10 Rules to Success

10 Rules to Success

Quote of the day

‘Conformity is the conventional format to Real Success. Uniformity is the intentional homogeneity to Genuine Success. Enormity is the dimensional standardisation to Actual Success.’

Dear Friends, you cannot change the Rules to something that works, you can only modify them within certain parameters. Success comes from a lineage of carefully orchestrated rules that worked for centuries upon centuries. What are these rules and why are they so important for us to adhere to. What these rules are will follow in a minute but the reason why they are important is because we need to conform to them and learn to become uniform from them. We need to know our enormity from our abnormality. You are only successful when you conform to a set of rules that have previously worked. You are only successful when you are uniform in all your efforts, outside of your box and within your box. You are only successful when you understand exactly what you need, how much you need and when you need it. You have to abide by a set of stringent rules that has previously worked for other successful people. This is called conformity. You cannot define Success unless you tasted it.  You cannot taste it until you tried it and you cannot try it until you know what you actually require. This is called uniformity. You must be able to define what you really want in life, this must be rooted deep within you. This is called enormity. You have to establish first if you have the passion and the desire to achieve it, if not then it is not really meant for you. Success is the key to your future. You need success like how the plants need sunlight. You need success like how the bees need nectar. Let us begin first by defining the 10 Rules to Success that really works in my opinion.
  • Rule 1 – Do not challenge another Human being. The real question to ask yourself here is what life without life itself is.
  • Rule 2 – Become a Good and Responsible Parent. Can you become successful if you were a bad and irresponsible parent?
  • Rule 3 – Exercise a good mental and physical well-being. Your mind creates the blueprint and your body creates the imprint.
  • Rule 4 – Take a firmer grip on your finances. Count the pennies in your pocket like you would count the seconds in your life.
  • Rule 5 – Be generous to others. You need to extend your love by giving your love let alone your wealth.
  • Rule 6 – Exercise monogyny and see a real difference in your life. GOD said one man for one woman for one lifetime. You cannot change this.
  • Rule 7 – Keep your mind clear of impure thoughts. Cleanse the mind by adding pure thoughts.
  • Rule 8 – Interact unselfishly with yourself and other people. There is nothing better than love and friendship.
  • Rule 9 – Love your planet by caring for it. Care for the flora and the fauna. Care for all and not just for a few.
  • Rule 10 – Always be spiritual – Start your day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude.

Follow these rules like sheep that follow the sheep in front of them. They do not stray. They play and they pray. Abide by these rules and success will wait for you like fortune from a cookie. I wish you a very successful life.

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