Saturday, 15 August 2015

View, Review, Renew then Ensue

View, Review, Renew then Ensue

Quote of the day

‘Always take an interest in your life with a view to review your previous day’s performance. View to review every detail of your activities. Then start to renew your quest to make tomorrow a better day. Ensue this detailed process daily and watch how your success will grow.’

Success always follows a methodological approach to your day. Do things correctly and success will be standing there waiting for you to accept it. For every right there is a wrong and for every wrong there is a right. You are bound to make mistakes, its natural so don’t be alarmed. If you err then be prepared to repair it. To do this effectively you need to View, Review, Renew then Ensue. You need to do this for every little thing or big thing that makes up your day. Brushing your teeth maybe a little thing whilst paying a major bill could be a big thing. Did you brush your teeth? Did you do it properly? Did you floss as well and gargled with a mouthwash? You might have brushed your teeth but it does not necessarily mean that you have brushed it correctly. Always view your performances of the previous day. Ask yourself did I err? Life is a repetition of yesterday, today and tomorrow. What can make an individual triumph over his or her existence is to aim for perfection. We need to make today better than yesterday and strive to make tomorrow even better. The rule is simple, View, Review, Renew then Ensue. Nothing more and nothing less. Yesterday we spoke about capturing before manufacturing. Everything we see from the time we awake to the time we retire is a learning experience. Capturing images on a regular basis especially the ones pertinent to your needs creates your agenda for tomorrow. Let us assume that you captured a series of images relating to Italian food. The pasta dish was the one the caught your attention. You then decide to make it. You buy ALL the ingredients and establish a methodology to cook it. You then cook it and regretfully it was a disaster. In other words you erred. Some people will give up but I want you to persevere. You are disappointed with your performance in making pasta but mistakes do happen all the time. The first Protocol to make amends is to view what when wrong when you made pasta. This is called analysis. What follows next is reassessment. Analysis tell you what went wrong. Reassessment tells you to reconsider making your pasta again, only on this occasion you need to do it right. You need to review what you did and establish what went wrong. Now that you identified your error you need to begin again or to renew. Do you see the process clearly? If you err then repair. You must reflect on your wrongs in order to make it right. Many of us ignore what went wrong and sadly keep making the same mistake over and over again, creating a landslide of failures over a period of time. To create goals you need your imagination to capture ideas before committing to paper and then manufacturing a process to get your goal of the ground. For many of us things go wrong. This is why you need to View, Review, Renew then Ensue. By Viewing, Reviewing, Renewing then Ensuing you will never get tired of your life and of your performances. You will always look to make wrongs right and never to give up on a goal.

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