Wednesday, 5 August 2015



Quote of the day

‘I am a Human Being, Being Humane to the core. I am kind, gentle and compassionate. I exist to assist and I exist to resist.’

Dear Friends, the world has been in conflict since man took occupancy of it. Man became greedy and man became ruthless. The fundamental Law of the Universe states clearly that all human beings are fundamentally the same, yet we have become fundamentally different. Today I say onto you love everyone and love yourself. To love takes away the ideology of hate. Love is a simple four letter world and conveys a simple message, be tender to the ones you love, be affectionate to your neighbours, adore your country and be tender to your planet as a whole. In other words you need to be humane to the core. People have suddenly accepted new labels such as black, white, yellow red or brown, that man has created. They have accepted labels that define wealth and they have accepted labels that have defined class. People use words such as rich, poor, ugly, fat, clumsy, hairy, disgusting, political, greedy, racist or gay to classify or segregate people. I say onto you and verily too, discard these labels and attach four letters to the end of your name and that is HBBH. Yes, we are Human Beings, Being Humane to the core. I am happy to be a human being from planet Earth. Many people have classified me according to my colour, culture or creed in the past. Today, I stand to correction, I classify myself as a member of the human race with a life mission and that is to serve. I am a human being, being humane to the core. My only classification is HBBH – Human Being, Being Humane. I don’t walk the streets to label people but rather to meet, greet and remain sweet. I do not accept labels that generations upon generations have created and placed me into. I am neither black nor white, I am neither Muslim nor Christian, I am neither poor nor rich when I meet people. I am just a human being, being humane to the core. I assist wherever I can and I resist whatever I can. Dear Friends, it is wonderful to be humane, it is wonderful to be kind, gentle and compassionate. They may separate me by my demographic demarcations but they can never separate me from my earthly right. My earthy right is to live happily ever after and to serve our Heavenly Father with love and devotion. What I believe in, the Religion that I belong to, my faith, my riches, my health and my goals are all my personal virtues. 

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