Saturday, 22 August 2015

Keep Fit, Stay Fit

Keep Fit, Stay Fit

Quote of the day

To be successful in life your body, the temple of your activities must be atoned to meet your demands. Whatever happens around you starts from within you. If you want to see an effective change around you then you must make an individual change within you.’

Using your weekends to experiment with basic workouts can help improve your working weeks. It is all about conversation, education and participation. Many of us are too afraid to experiment with new activities to keep us active rather than inactive. We don’t want to walk just for a short distance but prefer to talk for a long distance. We don’t want to be happy but prefer to be snappy instead. We don’t want to be joyful and delightful but rather would settle for sorrow about tomorrow. If it is a Sunday we will do anything to make Monday sorrowful. Why? Why do we do the opposite? Why do we become bitter rather than better? Why do we quarrel and always behave immoral? Surely we should agree and be moral instead. I think fear is our common enemy. We fear the outcome of any experiment that we undertake but would rather watch someone else do it. We fear that we maybe embarrassed or ridiculed if we try something new. This is why I say use your weekends to experiment on something new. This weekend I want you to start a new regime and that is to Keep Fit, Stay Fit. There is a multitude of activities to enrich your spirits and to help you to start Monday morning with a burst of sparkle. What can you do to enrich your spirits? There is walking, jogging, hopping, boxing, running, rambling or even dancing to get you going. How about a bit of sport with your children? Take to the garden and run around it. Hit the swing ball to and fro. Jump into the pool even if it makes you look like a fool. Be adventurous and take to the slopes with all your folks. Go sailing, go trailing, go hiking, go biking, go swimming, try slimming, go golfing or even bowling, anything really to get you fired. Life is all about participation. Life is all about living it. Life is all about fun, joy and happiness. Start simple with gentle steps and gently strokes. Go for a walk and have a bit of a talk, it helps and it motivates. Dear Friends, your body is indeed the temple of all your activities. You need to keep it in shape. A good body delivers peak performances 24/7. A poor body delivers a dipped performance all day long. Get the conversation going with anyone and create that unique participation to get started. If it is something new then become educated about it. Learn how to inflate a bicycle tyre or learn how to replace the tube on a tyre.  You have the appendages to do it now append it with your conversation, education and participation. Keep fit, stay fit and see how different your life would become. Whatever you want changing around you will have to start from within you.

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