Friday, 7 August 2015

Romance to enhance

Romance to enhance

Quote of the day

‘We often confuse romance with eroticism but I want to tell you that romance is the best remedy from a tired working week. Romance is about love, passion and desire in a relationship. It is about involvement, commitment and Engagement.’

Dear Friends what can be better than a romantic weekend for two or more in the serene enclosure of your weekend. You are the commander of your ship when the weekend bell tolls. You are the decision maker to make weekends special and memorable. A stimulus of romance can be the prefect antidote for your weekends especially after a boisterous working week. I say onto you and verily too hold hands tightly with the ones you love and share 48 hours of togetherness that illustrates your affection and love for each other. Carry love with you like a torch and see how clear the future looks for you. Don’t carry hostility like a jagged knife or resentment like an annoying cold, hold onto love 24/7. Love is such a wonderful fusion between man and woman, between woman and woman and between man and man. Would you rather see hatred amongst men and women, I say onto you the power of love is such a binding force. Love coalesces the weakest links. Love breaks barriers that separates individuals and nations. Romance is love of a different kind. Romance is about blossoming a relationship into something that is inseparable. Working weeks takes away the concept of love. You need the weekends to reignite love. Romance is about love, passion and desire in a relationship. It is about involvement, commitment and Engagement. Involvement is about showing a genuine interest in each other’s lives. It is about contributing equally to work, rest and play. It is about immersing yourselves into an affair of unique association. Commitment is about making your dreams come to light and to endure hardships which cause you to fight. It is all about being responsible daily and over the weekends. It is about a pledge to love each other through eternity. GOD’s plan is one for one woman for one lifetime. Romance to enhance delivers this plan. Engaging is the subtle art of becoming likeable. You work, you meet, you greet and you remain sweet. When you come home the same should apply, you meet, you greet and you remain sweet. You don’t ignore each other but simply adore each other. You don’t quarrel because you are moral. You don't swear because you care for each other. You are never bitter because you are never the quitter. You are good at all times and will never be bad at any time. You love rather than hate. Dear Friends, take to the skies this weekend and show romance like never before.

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