Thursday, 13 August 2015

Natural Instincts

Natural Instincts

Quote of the day

‘Natural Instincts are common in people ranging from Knismesis and Gargalesis to Emotional Contagion and Blushing. Everyone in the world holds an inherent set of instinctive behavioural patterns. Today we want to shift our understanding of human behavioural patterns to animal behavioural patterns to assist us in troubled situations.’

Dear Friends, I want to thank you for your constant friendship and positive feedback that I receive daily. With such rebounding emotions that I receive from around the world I am always jilted on a daily basis to write and write. Unlike other Authors that sells to make a living, you could say that I am an Author that tells to enhance your living. I tell what I feel for the day. I keep in touch daily and listen to my readers. I write to inspire and to assist people including myself to change your lifestyles as well as mine. Without such a resource of valuable information who can we turn to at a glance? Many years ago I wanted to start a social network called SOLPRO. I wanted my friends and families from around the world to be able to access information based on their dilemmas and to find a way out or a cure to become sure of themselves again. Together with this I needed to speak to my friends on a daily basis, to be able to submit my inspirational Articles and Quotes for their perusal. Also I offer an inspirational newspaper offering information, news, support and job opportunities. As you can see the arms of Universally Friendly is slowly expanding to help you achieve a better lifestyle. Thank you once again for giving me the strength to stay alive on the airwaves of communication, for without your kindness and support I might have stopped such an adventure. Today my discussion is about Natural Instincts. Our Natural Instincts are always there irrespective of our background, culture, colour or creed. It is something that we have and use instinctively. It does not matter whether you are an infant or an adult, whether you are rich or poor or whether you are sick or healthy because all of us hold an inherent set of instinctive behavioural patterns. The ability to blush when embarrassed or under emotional stress is such an example. The ability to yawn when tired is another example. Our focus today is about animal instincts rather than our own. Why does a spider spin a web, why do bears hibernate and why does a bird build a nest? How does a leatherback turtle know when to make its way back to the ocean after birth? What makes a baby kangaroo jump into its mother’s pouch straight after birth? These are all forms of instinct behavioural patterns. To us understanding these patterns can help us come out of our dilemmas. Please remember that our theme for August is – ‘August, the Autumn of our Dilemmas.’ Learning from animal behavioural patterns can certainly reduce or eliminate our dilemmas. Therefore as a result I have compiled 34 booklets each 85 pages long with enhanced graphics for your reference and perusal. Today, I want you to write down on a piece of paper your dilemma or dilemmas. This is personal and only you will know what they are. In a few days I will have a link where you can download a booklet or a series of booklets for you to read and decipher. From the behavioural of animals we can alter our behaviour and lead a much healthier lifestyle. Animals have been around long before us, therefore they make the ideal role models for us to follow.

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