Thursday, 20 August 2015

Do not worry

Do not worry

Quote of the day

‘Do not worry for you shall only remain sorry. Let your life hold an epic story free from worries, let it start from today. Let today be a celebration of a new era in your life.’

Dear Friends we spend valuable time each day worrying about the fallacies of our lives. We waste as a result precious time that can never be recovered. I always believe if you make a mistake in your life you need to amend it, with immediate effect. Don’t descend by worrying about it but ascend instead by learning from your experiences. Share these experiences with other people such as friends and families so that they may become equally aware and vigilant. Life is a learning curve, everything around us is something new, from a word to a living organism, from a business deal to a high tech device and as a result we are burning our fingers all the time. We must learn from our mistakes rather than burn from our mistakes. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, do not worry for you are not meant to worry at all. Worrying is just a waste of valuable time. Your life on Earth is limited to 100 years. Every second of those vital 100 years is precious outweighing the value of any currency or gem. Worrying is a definable quantum and the greater your worries, the deeper your troubles are. Everyone is constantly making mistakes, some live in denial whilst others spend time on trial. Being on trial makes you live in hardship, it makes you display emotional pain and suffering.  I want you to treat every second of your life from now on as a special second that compounds to a special individual. Yes, that special Individual is the new you pacing the Earth during the 21st Century with a mellow tone of Happiness and Joy. Always remember never live in fear, always live in anticipation of the next second in your life. Be alert of the troublemakers, the matchmakers, the drug-makers, the money-makers, the noisemakers, the housebreakers and the lawbreakers. Learn from your mistakes and use these errors in your life as a reminder that you shall never make them again. Write them down, refer to them but never forget them. Worrying is a strong inhibitor in your life and leads to your daily confusion, seclusion and disillusions. You achieve nothing by worrying. Worrying triggers the opposite side of Happiness and Joy. Do you really need sadness and sorrow in your life? Worrying can lessen your lifespan, causing you to age more quickly and may lead to a possible heart attack. Worrying will always make you stumble, crumble, fumble, tumble and bumble. As a meritocratic Goal Setter do you really need to stumble when important decisions need to be made? Do you need to crumble when things fall apart? Do you really need to fumble with repetition? Do you need to tumble into the same pit of remorse and heartache? Do you bumble at your next decision? It is all about precision timing and advanced climbing. Life is all about ascending to the pinnacle of your success. Everything you do, say or think has be done at the right time and at the right place. Every right makes you climb up a rung in the ladder of success. Beware of the snakes waiting in the enclosures of darkness to bite you and take your fortune away.

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