Friday, 28 August 2015

The Universe

The Universe

Quote of the day

‘So vast, so expansive, so divine, so intriguing, so wonderful, so opulent and so magnificent is our Universe. In it cometh the quest to explore, implore, adore, restore and account for. Today I want to tell you that if you feel sad look deep into the cosmos for you shall soon become jovial.’

So vast is The Universe that a figure of 91 billion years in diameter would be an approximate appreciation of space, time and its intriguing contents. So expansive is The Universe that countless planets, galaxies, intergalactic space and infinitesimally small to colossal particles exist in a cohesive way. So divine is The Universe that Our Lord has once described The Universe as His Father’s home which has many, many mansions.  So intriguing is The Universe that its estimated size may never be known and therefore is without doubt infinite. So wonderful is The Universe that planets, natural satellites, stars, galaxies, asteroids, meteorites, subatomic particles, living organisms including us live harmoniously and with precision movements. So Opulent is The Universe that pours man and woman with riches and wealth to satisfy their needs and their accomplishments. So magnificent is The Universe that a living model of life and time is portrayed in a panoramic screen of past, present and future activities that collaborate with the beginning and the end. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls when doubt enters your heart you need to look into the skies and peer into the historical footage of the past, present and future. When you are sad you need to find happiness in the Cosmos to know that you are part and parcel of it. When you are experiencing difficulties you need to look deep into space and understand that your difficulties are trivial to the whole chemistry of life and that you can and will get back on track if you believe. The Universe holds the key to ALL your dilemmas. The Universe is the workshop of our Heavenly Father recruiting men and women of all ages and background to be deployed in various faculties of employment. I want you to believe in yourself from today that whatever you want in life The Universe will pour onto you. When you look into the skies and into the limelight and twilight of fascination you will see the answers to all your dilemmas. The Universe is your home today, tomorrow and forever. The Universe acknowledges your existence and carries your soul like a comet into the vastness of space and time. So, when you take occupancy of a planet like planet Earth you must always remember that you are here or there for a reason, to serve as sole custodians of the living world. So vast, so expansive, so divine, so intriguing, so wonderful, so opulent and so magnificent is our Universe, but so vast, so expansive, so divine, so intriguing, so wonderful, so opulent and so magnificent are you. Don’t feel down because people have changed your perspective of life, feel up instead and look deep into The Universe and restore your belief in living to serve our Heavenly Father.

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